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The holiday season during the fall to winter seasons bring with it cuffing season. It is expected during this season that singles date someone. Along with the added pressure of cuffing season, there are the Christmas and holiday dinner conversations about how you are doing, your love life, and why you are single. Here are five responses for singles when their family or friends asks why you are still single and not getting engaged like all of your other social media friends.

Responses For Singles To Family And Friends At Christmas Dinner

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Q: Why didn’t you bring home a boyfriend or girlfriend this year?

A: I don’t want a boyfriend/girlfriend now (or ever). I would appreciate if you would support my decision as my family or friend instead of pressuring me to getting into a relationship that most likely wouldn’t end well anyways.

Q: Without a boyfriend or girlfriend, who are you going to kiss on New Year’s?

A: That is what you are worried about right now? Not the direction that the country is going, the possibility of a World War III, people who are less fortunate or hungry right now while we enjoy this Christmas meal. If I choose, I’ll find a nice guy/girl to kiss on New Year’s Eve at the event I’ll be going to, but I honestly don’t care if I kiss someone or not.

Q: Aren’t you lonely being single? You should be dating someone?

A: I enjoy being alone. No I am not lonely. I have friends who I hang out with on a regular basis. It is also easy to find events to go to for when I want to get out and meet new people. I enjoy being single.

Q: You’re a handsome or a beautiful person, can’t you find someone to date?

A: You think that I should be dating someone just because of my looks? How shallow are you? I’ve received random sext messages from people who wanted to get together with me because they thought I was hot, but I politely declined their invitation. Being single is wonderful and I avoid all the other complications of having another person in my life.

Q: Don’t you think that having someone in your life would make you happy?

A: I’m happy right now! I have friends. I am moving up in my career field. I enjoy exploring my town or city. I am saving and investing both financially and professionally in myself. I am also planning a trip soon. Honestly, I am the happiest I have been since I have been single and I do not intend to date again any time soon. Dating or being to married to someone does not make you happy.


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