The fall and winter seasons are a time when singles are expected to find a significant other. This time is called cuffing season. It is called cuffing season because it is believed that singles desire to be cuffed or tied down to a serious relationship and to bring a significant other back home during the holidays. There is no reason why singles should be expected to become cuffed to someone during fall and winter to please their family or society during the holidays.

What Is Cuffing Season? 

It is interesting that dating relationships equate to cuffs during this season. In contrast to the values of the single life, romantic relationships take away peoples’ freedom and flexibility to be with another person. By spending time with that person; they take time away from personal development, self-discovery, and improving their professional skills as an individual. The energy that would go into advancing yourself as a person are now spend wholly with someone else.

The hypothesis behind why cuffing season exists is because as the weather gets colder during the fall and winter months and people stay indoors more, they want to date someone to cuddle and spend time with instead of being alone. This is a fascinating theory for cuffing season because the number of social events increase during the fall and winter holiday season. Singles can find events to attend in there city and that does not require having a plus one. By spending time with others, the desire to get cuffed this holiday season may decline because it is healthy to be around people. There is also nothing wrong with watching Netflix and drinking hot cocoa on your couch in your house or apartment. It is actually healthy to spend time alone. Singles should not feel shame or pressure to get cuffed into a relationship.

Be Free During Cuffing Season

There is pressure to get cuffed and to have a date for New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. These are unhealthy expectations for singles. In fact, the pressure for singles to get cuffed for the holiday season is just wrong. Singles are now the majority of the American population and are a rising demographic in industrialized countries. Society’s assumption that people are best coupled stigmatizes singles and is singlism. The holiday season should be a time where people spend time with family and friends. There should not be pressure for singles to get date during cuffing season.

Singles should be happy and uncuffed during cuffing season because there is nothing fun about being tied down to a bad relationship. Singles should spend time exploring their city or going home to their families during the holidays instead of seeking out a romantic relationship. Remain free and uncuffed!

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