Singles Pursuit of Solitude

Singles pursuit of solitude is healthy and natural—

It is often thought that alone equates to loneliness, when they are in fact opposites of each other. It is healthy to spend time alone in solitude. American society neglects solitude in pursuit of various goals that often result in self-alienation. Singles can begin to leave society’s isolation, even in a crowd for the pursuit of solitude. Singles pursuit of solitude results in five core benefits from spending time alone.

5 Reasons Singles Pursuit Of Solitude Is Healthy

Singles Pursuit of Solitude


Singles pursuit of solitude teaches discipline. Society focuses busyness and fads. Society’s focus  makes it so singles miss what truly matters in life as an individual, as a community, and on a spiritual or religious level. Discipline reveals what really matters in life by unveiling what is hidden in the pursuit of something that is greater than ourselves (whatever that may be). Singles in the pursuit of solitude can also apply discipline to other areas of life.



Singles pursuit of solitude increases productivity. Solitude removes life’s distraction with the intention to pursue a goal or objective. This leads to complete attention on a task which results in higher productivity.



Singles pursuit of solitude gives singles the opportunity for self-discovery. This is a time that lets you think for yourself instead of jumping on the band wagon with your friends for validation. The single life is a time to grow as an individual and to love life.


Critical Thinking

Singles pursuit of solitude allows you to develop critical thinking skills. Consider modelling you life after Socrates who famously said, “All I know is that I know nothing.” This attitude leads to viewing things through more of an objective lens to evaluate according to merits and logic to determine if something reflects the world as it truly is or is malarkey. Ultimately, the most important skill that anyone can learn is critical thinking in order to think for oneself and to question authority.



Singles pursuit of solitude leads to better quality relationships with others. How so? You have spent time alone in solitude so you better understand who you are as an individual and have thought critically about your values and the world. This will influence who you choose to spend time with and to appreciate your relationships with others following your time in solitude.

Singles Pursuit of Solitude

Solitude is vital to thrive as a single and to discover yourself. Disconnect from the digital world and spend time in contemplation. Schedule a time for solitude amidst life’s busyness to refocus, refresh, and reevaluate. Singles pursuit of solitude is important to lead a healthy life and to question a society that makes coupling singles ultimate life goal.


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