Random Hookup

There are important things you need to know following a random hookup —

Let’s face it, we’re human and we all like to hookup. It’s part of our human nature. Hooking up makes you feel good, and gives you a sense of accomplishment that you made out with or had sex with. You will likely experience a range of emotions after a hookup. What matters most, in terms of handling it well, depends on how you treat the situation. Here’s what you are likely to experience and what is likely to follow after your random hookup. 

3 Things Singles Need To Know After A Random Hookup

Random Hookup

Last Night, Did You….

Have sex? It’s important to understand the risk of sleeping with someone you don’t really know. You might have caught an STD, pregnancy could be an issue, and emotionally you don’t know how the other person will react. There is something to be said about having sex that is too casual or even having sex too early with a friend which could potentially result in ruining your relationship. Make sure you understand what you’re doing before it turns into an issue.

Random Hookup

What You Can Do

If you get into a situation that could be compromising, remember that it is OK to say no. If you feel the pressures of sex could arrive, just go light for a kiss, and then end the night by getting a safe ride home by a trusted friend or an Uber. If you did end up sleeping with someone, you will want to first get an STD test from a doctor and then take the plan B pill if you are a woman who’s not on birth control. Emotionally, it could have meant nothing to the other person, and you may feel like you need more closure or a second pass. In this situation, be graceful. Remember to take action through love, meaning not to do anything mean, cruel, or hurtful. If you want to see more of the person who you had the random hookup with, but they don’t want to see you after it. Be graceful and move on. There are plenty of attractive people in the world,and you should take the opportunity to meet more people for other random hookups.

If You’ve Caught Something

Like STDs or if you get pregnant. You have options. The best thing to do in these situations is to talk to multiple professions who have an unbiased opinion influence the decisions you make. Go to a clinic to get tested for STDs and find treatment right away. Your body is truly an important part of your life,and by going to a clinic you are respecting your body. If you get pregnant after unprotected sex, then you should look at the options. If its the morning after, take Plan B right away. If it is a few weeks later and you test positive for pregnancy, then you can take action to care for your body during pregnancy and plan to take care of it. If you’re the guy and you got the girl pregnant, don’t leave her. Co-parenting is always an option. Set boundaries, and be supportive if she gets an abortion or if she has the kid. Remember to use birth control next time.

Random Hookup

A random hookup is fun, but just like any other vise you need to be responsible. Have fun, but respect your body and the other person’s body. Use birth control and make sure you make decisions with a clear conscious. Good luck, singles!

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