Virgin Again

How To Become A Virgin Again…

Virginity is something sacred and valuable that you have only once in your life. Once you lose your virginity, you will never really be a virgin again. However, for the hopefuls out there who wish to be pure again, you can become a virgin again. Don’t fret if you’ve lost your v-card, because we have some remedies. We’re talking emotional, physical, and spiritual. Why would anyone want to become a virgin again? There are several motives. Perhaps your virginity was lost to someone who didn’t mean anything to you, or you may have slept with so many partners that you are looking for redemption. There is always a way out to cleanse yourself. You can become a virgin again, by purifying yourself.

3 Ways Singles Can Purify Themselves To Become A Virgin Again

Virgin Again

Purify Yourself Emotionally

One of the motives for purifying yourself emotionally is to rid yourself of bad memories. Maybe you grew up in a household that promoted promiscuity, was misguided as a youth and became at risk, lost your virginity to a sick minded family member, or even got raped. Whatever happened, know that it was not your fault, and you should not feel shameful. Accept what happened, forgive the past, and find a supportive and confidential group to help you move past this emotionally. The best part about growing up is maturing emotionally. This means that you can lick all the wounds you incurred as a youth, and heal yourself to become a better, faster, smarter person. Start today by loving yourself.

Virgin Again

Purify Yourself Physically

Although you cannot ‘undo losing your virginity’ completely, you can get surgery (as a female) to restore a small part of your body called the hymen. This procedure can be expensive, and also take a fair amount of time. Other ways you can cleanse yourself include cleaning and grooming your sexual organs single men and single women. You may also want to start doing kegel exercises. This will maintain your sexual parts in addition if you don’t want to go through surgery. Working out is also a really good practice to get into. It serves as a meditation and strengthens your body and mind. It helps tighten you down below, too. 

Virgin Again

Purify Yourself Spiritually

Sex is one of the top pleasurable experiences known. It is also one of the most emotional experiences due to the intimate nature of sex. To purify yourself emotionally, you will want to journal, start attending a spiritual community center and get baptized in some manner (even if you are not religious). Do whatever it is you need to do in order to feel pure again, and to attain that mindset that you are a pure human being unaffected by the past. Make a treaty with yourself, and give yourself the gift of inner peace.Many people meditate as well. You may want to give it a try. Whatever you are working to achieve, know that you can do it.

Virgin Again

Become a virgin again. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually become pure. Know that it will take a daily effort and practice to achieve what you want. You can achieve it with one step at a time. Start small, and achieve tasks as they come in. Love and accept yourself through the process, and let go of the past. You are worth it. Good luck out there, singles.

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