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Solo travel is a rising trend as more people are staying single longer and want to see the world. This is a great direction for those who want to travel. The single and unmarried should plan solo travel trips to see the world alone.

Travelling alone fits with the values of the single life. Autonomy is having the ability to go and to do as you please. Have you ever wanted to visit a country or a city? While you are single is the perfect time to do it. If you want to eventually get married, once you have a significant other along with kids your travel opportunities will decrease. Make use of the freedom that you have now and travel alone. Take advantage of the independence that you have now and travel.

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Single Millennials are just getting started in their careers or starting their own businesses and travelling can be expensive. There are ways to spend less while travelling. And believe it or not, there are actually countries that are inexpensive to visit. You can stay in a five star hotel, eat high-end caviar, and drink premium vodka in Russia later in life. If you don’t have the money now, plan a trip to less popular countries that have a lower cost of living and fewer tourists. These travel destinations include:

1. Mexico
2. The Balkans
3. Thailand
4. Portugal
5. South Africa
6. Nicaragua
7. Vietnam
8. Morocco
9. Bolivia
10. Indonesia
11. Colombia
12. Hungary
13. Cambodia
14. Cuba
15. Guatemala
16. Nepal

The most important thing you can do is act singles. Travel where you want. Go where you want. Do what you want. Plan your perfect trip now. Check to see if you have any friends in any countries who will let you visit. That will save you money on a hotel or hostel. It will also give you the opportunity to catch up with a friend while you are exploring another country. Take the risk to travel while you are still single, carefree, and unattached.

Being single is a great time in life and if you are able, you should plan to travel alone to the country that you have always dreamed of visiting. You should not delay to wait and go with a friend. You need to go now. Solo travel has become popular and singles should start to plan their trips today. Go alone and embrace your singlehood! Be proud of being single by showing your single pride in another country!

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