In lieu of the rise of women independence and economic power, women are beginning to do more and see more through travel. Solo women travel is becoming common around the world. Whether for business or pleasure, here are five solo women travel tips on how you can travel safely as a woman from the US, Canada, or anywhere else in the world.

A Solo Women Travel Guide

 Do Your Research On Safe Countries 

Solo women travel tip number one. The United States Department of State has data you want. Check it out for yourself and do the research beforehand. Save yourself the grief and get a step ahead of the curve by educating yourself as a solo women traveler.

Get Your Passport Updated And Ready

Solo women travel tip number two. Get a passport through the US Post Office and make sure your documents are up to date before you travel. Make two or three copies of your passport and IDs just in case. If you already have a passport, make sure it is up to date and has enough room in the pages for you to travel.

Select An Optimal Wardrobe

Solo women travel tip number three. There may be a certain climate and style at the destination you are traveling to. Look up the weekly temperatures the particular region you will be staying at. Will you need water clothes, cooler clothes, sandals for the beach, or hiking shoes? Make sure you pack clothes that will benefit you while you are there. Selecting a style that is similar to locals will also help you smoothly blend in with the culture. You will mostly likely not get taken advantage of when you look like a local. Blend in and don’t get robbed.

Stay At A Legitimate Hotel

Solo women travel tip number four. Before you press “book this room”, make sure the hotel has positive reviews from more than fifty people. It is true that our disposable income increases with age, so booking a cheap hostel may be more attractive than an expensive hotel with the allotted conveniences. Make sure you do the research to see if it is safe. You don’t want to end up like those backpackers in the movie Hostel. Be safe, and be aware of the places you are going. If you get weird vibes, leave. Your safety should come first.

Don’t Get Wasted

Unless you are on MTV True Life or on a military base, you want to make sure you don’t get wasted while traveling. Having a drink or two is okay, but it does lower your inhibitions. When you are in a new place and are surrounded by people you do not know, make sure to keep your guard and wits about you. Getting intoxicated increases the risk of unsafe behavior, and could cost you more than you know.  Do not take the chance.


Take charge AND advantage of these times. Make sure you do your best to prepare for your travels to make it as seamless as possible. With all your ducks lined out in a row, you will have a better time during your trip, whether for business or travel. Bon voyage!

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Danielle E. Brockman is a contributing writer for Secure Single LLC.


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Danielle has chosen to be single in her walk of life. She experienced dating in her late teens and early twenties, and had always felt each relationship was unfulfilling. To find more meaning in her life, she broke off to go down a path of self-discovery.
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