May the Force be with you singles! The Jedi in Star Wars movies take a vow of celibacy to protect the galaxy and to use the Force for good. The Jedi are similar to monks and religious orders who take a vow for similar reasons such as to pray for peace in the world and for Christ to return to bring about the new heaven and the new earth. Jedi are fighting monks who use lightsabers and the Force to combat the Dark Side.

Star Wars Jedi Are Single and Celibate

The Star Wars universe has always been focused upon finding balance in the Force. The Jedi fight to bring that balance when the Dark Side overpowers the Light Side. Because Jedi are devoted to the force, it makes sense that they would be single and celibate. Religions that have celibacy and religious vocations believe that those commitments are similar to marriage, but that person is giving themselves fully to the religion or church. This keeps the followers who take this commitment from being distracted by earthly things such as sex and the distractions that marriage brings with earthly obligations to a spouse. The Jedi take the same commitment to bring balance to the Force. Jedi also practice meditation and meditate on the Force. For this reason, it makes sense that Jedi would be single and celibate.

The Jedis devotion to the Force and their promise to use it for good is seen throughout the Star Wars Saga. Celibacy allows Jedi to grow in their Jedi skills and in the Force rather than being distracted by a romantic relationship. This was seen with Anakin Skywalker when he had a relationship with Padmé. That relationship ended up getting him in trouble with the Jedi Council.

The Jedi show that the single life allows singles to grow and perfect their life skills. Romantic relationships can become distractions from reaching your full potential and becoming one with yourself. Much like the Jedi work to improve their skills; singles can work to go farther in their careers, travel the world, and go on a personal journey of self-discovery unhindered by a spouse. The Star Wars films show that dedication is important with the Jedi professing their lives to the Force. While singles do not have to make a vow of celibacy, they can learn from the Jedi that hard work and focus is important. Those values are available in the single life because committing to another person brings distractions from larger goals that can present themselves to singles.



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