Education is important. The school season is preparing to start up again. Students are buying their textbooks, computers, and new notebooks for their classes. School, from high school to graduate school, has different groups. There are different groups at school and there is a pressure to date in school instead of focusing on education. School should be the priority for students at all education levels and the best choice is to remain single while in school.

Junior high and high school are when hormones start and the pressure to date begins. While all the popular kids are doing it, that doesn’t mean you should. It could affect your high school education and where you ultimately get accepted to for college. Those hours spent with a significant other are better spent studying and reading your class books instead of dating like jocks and cheerleaders. There is also the problem that if you date and have sex with someone in high school that you may end up staying in your town or city by marrying them or having a kid because you hooked up with the person you had a crush on. This will damage your income mobility and the opportunities to move to another city for college or a job. The wisest decision you can make in high school is to stay single and not to date or hook up with your crush.

College, depending on the school you attend, is a more heavily academic version of high school. There are still the cool kids, the partiers, and the nerds. There is still the emphasis within the student body that you should date and get with whoever the hot person of your class may be. It is best to avoid the drama at college and focus on your education. Depending on what your graduating degree is from college, you can land a nice job and work your way up to a plush position. The cost of living is continuing to rise in major cities making it even more important that you finish college and get a job at a good company. Your friends and classmates will wonder why you are not dating anyone, but keep your eyes on the larger goal of starting to have a financially stable future after college instead of getting distracted by relationships. Being single in college is also a great way to learn more about yourself, grow as an individual, and enjoy the freedom to explore your college town after you finish your studies. College is an important stage of life and has become an important factor in your financial future today. Stay single, enjoy the freedom and autonomy of the single life, and do well at college instead of getting distracted by relationships.

If you attending graduate school; a small number of your classmates will probably be married, but singles will most likely be the majority. This is because while going to graduate school and getting an advanced degree will further assist in your financial future, students are still paying off student loans. Debt is a financial problem. It affects your financial mobility debts must be paid before money goes into savings and other investments. The advanced degree will help to set you apart in interviews and help to raise your starting pay for the field that you are going into as a professional. Graduate school is primarily focused on the academics and there is less of the drama and pressure to date, but there will be classmates who are married or dating who may indirectly put pressure on you to get into a relationship. Keep your eyes on the goal, which is finishing graduate school with the best GPA that you can and getting to know your professors in order to land the best job quickly after graduation. The single life is the best way to achieve your dreams and to become successful while in school and after school.

School is a time to learn more about who you are as a person, discover your passions are, and to prepare for the next stage of life after school. Staying single in school is the best decision. Stay focused on your studies, whether you are in high school or getting your postgraduate degree. Being single is about enjoying the independence that the single life offers and that freedom will grow after finishing school.

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