Technology has Changed the Traditional Roles of Women

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has created through innovation and ingenuity the Internet, computers, and more simple things like the washer and dryer. However, technology is replacing conventional sex in the bedroom and has taken over what has long been perceived as the traditional roles of women. Men who have no interest in getting married can thank the rise of technology which will beat Moore’s Law for providing the technology to clean your house to having an artificially intelligent sex doll. Technology has changed the traditional roles of women which is beneficial for both single women and for the single men going their own way.

How Technology has Changed the Traditional Roles of Women

Technology has Changed the Traditional Roles of Women

How Technology has Changed the Traditional Roles of Women Today

In pre-historic society, women were gatherers while men were hunters. This was how the distribution of labor worked to help the tribe or community. The role of men as hunters and women as gathers continued for centuries, but technology has helped to provide a way for women to focus on business and to escape the role of the homemaker. Technology has also allowed men to no longer need a gatherer to find produce or to go shopping to provide for the everyday needs of the family, tribe, or community. Technology has changed the traditional roles of women and this is good for both men and women. Women no longer need to be gatherers. Women can pursue their passions and life goals without having to mary today. Women can be thankful for technological innovations which have helped to change the traditional roles of women to pursue what they really want to do in life instead of having to marry and have children.

How Technology Benefits Single Men

For men, technology allows men who have given up on women to have access to automated technology which improves their daily lives. There are smart vacuums which can be scheduled to vacuum your apartment or house. There are smart refrigerators which will remind you that you need to buy more milk or an item which is running low in your refrigerator. You can keep your house or apartment secure with a smart lock and security cameras. Why have a wife when you can have smart devices like Amazon Alexa? Information technology is also a booming and growing field for careers for both men and women.


Technology also allowed for the innovation of meal delivery services such as Grubhub which deliver food from restaurants to the customer to meal delivery kits like Home Chef. These services make it simple for single men, and singles in general, to enjoy a great healthy meal without the hassle of a significant other. You can order the meal what you want and have delivered directly to your address or choose the meal plan which best fits your diet and budget.


Sex tech is now very much a thing and is not going away any time soon. There are, of course, also camming websites. There are also artificially intelligent sex dolls which are becoming more realistic each year as the technology improves. There is no reason for someone who is single to date or to marry with the advancement of technology today to clean or to have sex.


The combination of technology, services, and sex tech have changed and replaced the traditional role of women when it comes to relationships. Men can now go their own way and fully rely on themselves. Men can also choose from the range of technology and services which best fits their desired needs and lifestyles.


There is no reason for single men to propose and hope to hear “I do” because technology and these services will continually deliver and meet your daily needs. Want to order take out? There’s an app for that. Want to make meals without the hassle of going to the store? There’s a service for that. Want to experience pleasure? There are cam sites, sex dolls, and sex tech for that. Technology has changed the traditional roles of women and women benefit from technology because they are able to pursue careers without having to marry. Whether you are part of men going their own way or just someone who is single by choice, this is great news because technology can better help you live a fulfilling and pleasure filled single life.


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