Valentine’s Day is a day that modern culture has adopted to celebrate romantic love between couples who are dating, who are partners, or who are married. Despite society only acknowledging romantic and erotic love on Valentine’s Day, philia and agape are other types of love that provide single people an opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day this Sunday. Since there are other types of love besides erotic love, here are ten ways that single people can celebrate the single life and being single this Valentine’s Day.


    1. Go out for drinks or get dinner with your best friend or a group of friends to celebrate philia.
    2. Study the different theories and types of love that philosophers, theologians, and socialists discuss and debate. Contemplate love with a fuller meaning and discuss with a friend or write a page about your finding and, possibly, new discoveries about the different types of love that Valentine’s Day fails to celebrate.
    3. Look into ways that you can give back to your community.
    4. Study and seek to attain the true eros that Plato considered by contemplating the nature of the Theory of Forms and the implications of it in life.
    5. Call you family members and tell them that you appreciate them, or at the very least try to reconnect and catch up with them.
    6. Consider being more respectful and showing agape love to people who you greatly disagree with in the heated areas of politics, religion, and ethics and decide to show them love. This will challenge yourself and will allow you to grow as an individual.
    7. Be active and go work out or try to get in touch with the beauty of nature by doing an outdoors activity.
    8. Do not feel sorry for yourself for not having a boyfriend or a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and sit at home eating ice cream in your bed, couch, or living area.
    9. Acknowledge the fact that we are all born into this world alone and we will leave this world by dying alone.
    10. Do not read or watch any based upon Nicholas Sparks or romantic comedies.


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the different types of love as a single person. Celebrate the love of friendship. Celebrate the love of community. Celebrate the love of humanity. Do not only think of Valentine’s Day as a couples’ holiday.

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