Do you have any Thanksgiving dinner plans yet? Here are some options—

Thanksgiving is approaching and singles may already be making Thanksgiving dinner plans, or singles may have no Thanksgiving dinner plans. There are many different ways that singles can celebrate Thanksgiving. There are five main ways that singles can have Thanksgiving dinner plans this year and enjoy the holiday.

Thanksgiving Dinner Plans

Thanksgiving dinner plans


Thanksgiving dinner with family is the traditional choice when it comes to making Thanksgiving dinner plans for the holiday. If you are going home for Thanksgiving or visiting extending family for the holiday, be confident about being single around your family. You can also roast your family with responses when they ask you, why are you still single and why didn’t you bring anyone home this year?


Friendsgiving is another option for singles who are making Thanksgiving dinner plans. Don’t be shy, ask around your friend groups and ask if anyone will be having a Friendsgiving this year. If not, you could choose to host your own!


If you’re not going home for Thanksgiving and none of your friends are planning a Friendsgiving, look on Meetup or social media groups to find a Thanksgiving event to attend. You can also look to see if any churches or nonprofit organizations are having Thanksgiving dinner.


You can also volunteer at a church, homeless shelter, or a nonprofit that is putting on Thanksgiving dinner for people who can’t afford a meal or have nowhere else to go. If you don’t have any plans this Thanksgiving, consider volunteering this year.


There is also nothing wrong with eating alone, dining alone, and celebrating Thanksgiving alone. It is considered a family holiday, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding a restaurant that is having a Thanksgiving dinner special. You can also cook your favorite Thanksgiving items for yourself. You don’t need to make the entire Thanksgiving feast. You can cook a Turkey leg, mashed potatoes, and buy a pumpkin pie.

Singles have a range of options when it comes to making Thanksgiving dinner plans for the holiday. Singles are not tied down or obligated to visit family or to go to a significant other’s family for Thanksgiving dinner. Choose to embrace the single life this Thanksgiving and find the way that reflects how you want to celebrate the holiday this year.


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