You may have recently moved into a new apartment, put down a mortgage on your first house, or maybe you bought your first house outright with cash. Whichever it may be, congratulations! Now you can figure out how to host a housewarming party to show your friends and family your new place. Here is the ultimate guide with twenty-five ways how to host a housewarming party for the new homeowner.


The Ultimate Guide for How to Host a Housewarming Party


Here are twenty-five ways to host a housewarming party when you move into a new place. You may be worried that you won’t do things correctly if this is your first housewarming party or that something may go wrong at the event. You worked hard to find and get the apartment or house you now live in your new neighborhood. Be confident in yourself, and now get excited to host your friends and family in your new place!


1)         Take Time to Settle in Your New Place


The first thing that you must do before you start to consider hosting a housewarming party is to take time to settle in your new place. Take your time to get fully moved into your new apartment or house. You can make sure that everything is set up, including how you want your furniture and decorations to be in all your rooms. After you are all settled in and finished, you can plan to have a housewarming party.


2)         Choose a Day


The second step you will need to do is choose a day to host your housewarming party. If your housewarming party is going to be during the week, make it a time when people can make it after work. If it is on the weekend, you will have more flexibility. Finalize the day of your housewarming party and put it on your calendar.


3)         Choose a Time


The third way to prepare for your housewarming party is to choose a time. Figure out a time that works for you and your guests’ schedules. You can plan around the most common work schedules and your work and life schedule. While the most typical work schedule is 9 to 5, it will also depend on the shifts that people may work or more flexibility by working remotely or online. It is ultimately up to you. An afternoon event will be less casual than an evening event.


4)         Housewarming Party Etiquette


The fourth thing that you can do is learn about housewarming etiquette. After you have settled in, you can plan for your housewarming party. The best thing that you can know to do when it comes to party etiquette is to learn small talk and talk to your guests to make them comfortable when they come to your party. You can brush up on your social skills and read verbal and non-verbal communication. You can learn small talk, and how to talk to your guests will be covered in more detail below.


5)         Don’t Make a Gift Registry


The fifth thing is not to do when hosting a housewarming party to make a gift registry. A housewarming party is not a wedding. You don’t need to do a registry, although housewarming registries are a thing. It will place pressure on your guests because your guests will expect to bring a gift to you to come to your housewarming party.


6)         Decide if You want a Party Theme


The sixth way to host a housewarming party is to decide if you want a party theme or not. While a housewarming party theme is unnecessary, it will help make your housewarming party more enjoyable. You will have a theme that your guests can discuss. A party theme is a great way to create conversation starters for guests who may not know each other.


7)         Make a List of the People You Want to Invite


The seventh way to host a housewarming party is to make a list of the people you want to invite. The people you will most likely want to invite will be your friends and family. You can also ask your neighbors if you would like to know your neighbors who live near you.


8)         Invite Your Neighbors


The eighth way is to invite your neighbors. You just moved to your new neighborhood or into your apartment complex, so get to know your neighbors. You can write an invitation and leave it in your neighbors’ mailbox or under your neighbors’ door so that they get it if you do not know their names. Inviting your neighbors is just a friendly way to show your neighbors that you want to get to know them and that you want to be involved in your community.


9)         Write Your Invitations


The ninth way is to start to write your invitation. Once you have made a list of the people you want to invite, you can begin writing the invitations to send to your guests. You can write your invitations on traditional invitation cards or use social media invitations. You can also use both to contact your friends or family, depending on what they are on.


10)       Send Your Invitations


The tenth way is to send your invitations to your guests. You will then need to send the invitations. Today, you can send traditional physical invitations to your guests or send an invite over social media or email. Another option is that you can do both to make sure that your guests receive your housewarming party invitation.


11)       Organize Your RSVP List


The eleventh way to host a housewarming party is to organize your RSVPs on a list. When you place all your guests’ names who have said they will be coming, you will know who they are and who is planning to go to your housewarming party. You can order or prepare the food yourself if you do finger food. You will need to calculate the amount of food you will need to provide for your guests depending on the number of RSVPs you have responded to your invites.


12)       Make a Master Guest List


The twelfth way to host a housewarming party is to make an official guest list after you have organized your RSVP list. The master guest list will be your official guest list, and the people you know for sure who will be coming to your housewarming party will be on the list. You can also use this master guest list to know your guests’ names.


13)       Don’t Expect Guests to Bring You Gifts


The thirteenth way is to don’t anticipate your guests bringing your gifts. Gifts are another reason not to make a registry because you do not want to pressure your guests to bring you a gift. It is usually polite for guests to bring a small housewarming gift or party favor. But while housewarming gifts are welcome, don’t place any expectations on your guests that you are expecting gifts.


How to Host Your Housewarming Party on the Big Day


14)       Clean and Tidy Up Your Space for Your Guests


The fourteenth way to start your housewarming party is the day before or the day of to start to clean and tidy up your space for your guests. If you live in a bigger apartment or house, you will have to spend more time planning to clean to prepare for your guests. One basic way to clean is to vacuum clean the living and central areas.


15)       Decorations for Your Housewarming Party


The fifteenth way is to put up any decorations that you may need to put up for your housewarming. If you are not doing any decorations, you can skip this step. For those doing decorations, give yourself enough time to organize and place your decorations where they need to be for your housewarming party. After you are done putting your decorations or making sure that your house is prepared for your guests, you can start to get ready for your guests to arrive.


16)       Prepare for Your Guests to Arrive


The sixteenth way is to prepare for your guests to arrive on the day of your housewarming party. You can double-check everything and make sure that everything is ready for your guests’ arrival. You can sit down, and you can relax.


17)       Know Your Guests’ Names


The seventeenth way is to know all your guests’ names. If you are bad with guests’ names, write down all of your guests’ names. This is another reason to have a master guest list as recommended in number twelve.


18)       Give Your Guests a Tour of Your New Place


The eighteenth way is to give your guests a tour of your new place. You can either do this at one time with each of your guests. You could also do it with all of your guests. It will depend on your preference and planning to organize your housewarming party.


19)       Converse with Your Guests


The nineteenth way is to be a great host to your guests who come to your housewarming party. You can work on your art of conversation and small talk skills with your guests. If you don’t know them too well, you can ask them basic questions. Open-ended questions are the best type to ask because they allow your guests to talk about themselves. You can encourage your guests to talk about themselves because people naturally enjoy talking about themselves. If you know your guests better, you can have deeper conversations than just having small talk.


20)       Food and Drinks


The twentieth way to host a housewarming party is to provide food and drinks for your guests. The best type of food is to do either finger foods or host a potluck. These are excellent options because they will require you to limit the amount of preparation you need to do for your housewarming party for your guests. You can also double-check to see if any of your guests have any allergies or foods that they cannot eat so that those guests feel welcomed at your party. You can have non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks at your housewarming party. You can choose a favorite beverage to celebrate and pick up some popular, less expensive drink options for your guests so that they have options. For non-alcoholic drinks, you can have still and sparkling water, soda, lemonade, tea, or anything else that you and your guests would enjoy at your housewarming party. If you want some home bar ideas for your house, check out this article by Angi. You could also consider playing a drinking game, depending on the age of your guests. Here are two downloadable printable drinking games that you may want to do at your housewarming or at another party you may host.


21)       Use Paper Plates, Cups, and Napkins


The twenty-first way is to use paper or plastic plates, cups, and napkins. You will also not have to worry if a guest accidentally drops a glass plate or a cup on the floor. Using paper plates, cups, and napkins will make cleaning up easier for you.


22)       Create a Music Playlist


The twenty-second way is to create a music playlist for your housewarming party to be more welcoming to your guests. Music helps set the mood for parties and events, and you can choose the type of mood you want to set. Still, the most common mood will be more casual and fun, like this Housewarming Party Spotify Playlist by Windermere Real Estate. It is ultimately up to you to play the type of music since it is your party.


After Your Housewarming Party


23)       Clean Up


The twenty-third way is to clean up after your housewarming party. Hopefully, you thought that your housewarming party went well, and you felt that you did well as a host. You can spend time cleaning up any paper plates, glasses, or anything that your guests may have accidentally left behind. If you have found that a guest left something behind, contact the guest and let them know that you have their phone or what you saw. You can plan to meet up with them or wait for them to return their lost item.


24)       Relax After Your Guests Leave


The twenty-fourth way is to relax after your guests have left and you have cleaned up after the housewarming party. Pour yourself your favorite drink. Celebrate being a good host and putting on a housewarming party for your guests.


25)       Send Thank You Notes


The final way is to send thank you notes to all the guests who came to your housewarming party. Sending a thank-you note is just a polite thing to do, and it shows your guests that you value them taking their time to come to your housewarming party. Try to avoid making these have generic thank you messages. Emily Post has a complete writing guide for writing thank you notes that you can read here. You can make it more personal by including something you talked about with a guest when they came to your party.




These are twenty-five ways to host a housewarming party at the new place where you are moving to in the next stage of your life. You can invite your friends, family, and family to your housewarming party. After your guests leave, don’t feel bad about spending some time relaxing before preparing to send your thank you cards to your guests.

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