Couples who are dating and decide to break up are not the only people who have to make the decision to end a relationship. For singles; being a good friend, having friends, and having an active social circle is important since humans are intrinsically social creatures and should limit how much they are alone. Social interaction helps prevent loneliness that has been found to be a cause of death. However, friendships naturally change as you evolve as a person and life happens. For this reason, friendships either naturally end or a stronger approach may be necessary to break up with a friend who is toxic. Here are the three main ways to end a friendship when you are no longer getting along or the friendship has finally run its course.

Fade to Black

Fading to black was a technique used during filming to slowly fade out the light of the camera to naturally conclude a scene. In a similar way, some friendships will slowly fade. Decrease the amount of contact you have with a person over a length of time until you no longer talk to them. For example, if you talk four times a week take it down to twice a week and continue to diminish your interaction with the person.


Tell Them How You Feel

You have decided that you want to break up with a friend and now you need to tell them exactly how you feel about your friendship. Meet them at a coffee shop or call them to let them know that you want to break up with them as friends. Let them know and be honest. Be sure to let them know that they are not the problem, but the issue is how the two of you interact as friends. It is up to you about how detailed you want to be, but you can be general and let them off gently to make a clean break. After you successfully broke up with your friend, do not gossip or tell mutual friends about anything that they may have revealed to you about themselves while you were friends. The goal here is make a clean break from your friend, not disrespect or eradicate your friendship.


Take a Creative Approach

If you don’t think either of the first two options won’t work or you just don’t like the methods, come up with your own way to end your friendships. Some examples of this approach could be to start to act like the people that your friend despises, invite them to places that they hate, or go to events and do activities that annoys your friend. You know your friend best. Customize it for best results. If successful, your friend will quit you and end your friendship themselves.

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