Wedding Industrial Complex

Engagement season is over. Wedding season is here. The wedding industrial complex remains alive and well. Singles who have friends and family members who are getting married this summer can see the wedding industrial complex in action as they shop and plan for their white wedding. The wedding industrial complex affects singles who want to get married by creating a list of requirements of what a wedding must have to have a memorable day. Summer is approaching and it brings the wedding season and the wedding industrial complex as brides and grooms plan their weddings.


Wedding Season And The Wedding Industrial Complex

Wedding Industrial Complex


The wedding industrial complex consists of everything that newly engaged couples are told that they need to have a memorable wedding. The list includes the wedding dress and tuxedo for the bride a groom, dresses and tuxedos for the wedding party, finding and paying for an event to perform the wedding ceremony, a location for new couple and their guests, a dj or live band, and providing food and drinks for the newlyweds bridal guests. The wedding industrial complex cost newlyweds $30,000 to $80,000 each year. While marriage is a good thing, it is problematic that couples believe that they needs to spend the average income that someone earns in a year to have a fairy tale white wedding. It is a special day, but it should not cost the newlyweds or their families an arm and a leg to pay to marry two people.



The wedding industrial complex encourages the soulmate theory by promising newlyweds that marriage is everything they will hope for so couples need to make a big ordeal from the engagement to the wedding. The engagement ring being the symbol of an engaged couples dates back to 1477, but it did not become popular until 1947 when De Beers launched the “A Diamond is Forever” campaign. This campaign, like the wedding industrial complex, created a need to a diamond engagement ring and other wedding sectors followed suit to create a need for couples to purchase wedding products and services. By connecting a product or service with true love and marriage, the wedding industrial complex was born. It is now part of a society that pushes dating, marriage, and Disney fairy tales on singles from birth.



Singles can resist and fight the dating and wedding industrial complex by first acknowledging that they are real. Singles who have friends and family who are getting married, tell them and let them know that there is no reason why they need to spend the median household income in the United States on a wedding. Singles can also learn facts about being single and educate others that the single life is a great life. Summer is near singles and summer brings wedding season and the wedding industrial complex.


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