Why are people single? People may be single for a variety of reasons. One type of single is a relationship-oriented single.

What Does It Mean To Be A Relationship-Oriented Single? 


A relationship-oriented single is someone who currently may be single but wants to be in a romantic relationship. This type of single places a higher priority on getting into a romantic relationship. It could be dating. It could mean eventually getting married.


Is It Bad To Be A Relationship-Oriented Single? 


People may be single for many different reasons if someone wants to ultimately be in a romantic relationship, dating or getting married, instead of enjoying the single life. There is nothing wrong with that. Relationship-oriented singles place romantic relationships and romantic love higher than being single.


Where Are Relationship-Oriented Singles From? 


A relationship-oriented single can be from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is for someone single to want to date and be more interested in finding a romantic partner instead of learning to enjoy being single.


When Can Someone Be A Relationship-Oriented Single? 


Someone could be a relationship-oriented single if they have always wanted a romantic relationship. They could also be perpetually single, always wanting a romantic relationship but never being able to find one for whatever reason.


Who Can Be A Relationship-Oriented Single? 


Both men and women can be relationship-oriented singles.


Why Would Someone Be A Relationship-Oriented Single? 


They would rather be in a romantic relationship instead of be single. In some cases, they may do anything they can to stop being single. This could turn a relationship-oriented single into a serial dater until they get into a steady romantic relationship or eventually marry.


How Can A Relationship-Oriented Single Make The Most Of Being Single? 


There are many ways that a relationship-oriented single can make the most of being single. Instead of always pursuing romantic relationships, they can instead start to better themselves. This will help their lives while making them more attractive to potential romantic partners. There are three main ways to focus on yourself: relationships, health, and finances.


3 Main Ways To Make The Most Of Being Single 




There are three main types of relationships that singles can work to build that are not romantic.




You don’t have to spend all of your time trying to find a romantic relationship when you are single, even if that is what you may want. When you have the right friends around you, you can surround yourself with friends who share common values and goals. They will challenge you to become a better and more interesting person. Your friends will likely have similar interests as you.




You can spend it with your family. While no family is perfect, family is a natural community. You can do things with your family. It could be a weekly dinner. It could be a monthly phone or Skype call.



Community is good to have, but most of the people you may know in your neighborhood may not be friends. They will more likely be acquaintances. You can find it by going to places that you enjoy going to. It could be going to restaurants, bars, the gym, or small group events at a church. You can build a community around you built around your interests and values. However, most people you know in your community will not know you as well as your friends are family.




You can spend time focusing on your health. This will make you more attractive to a prospective partner. You can do simple things like exercising, going to the gym, and following a diet. When you focus on your health, you will feel better. You will also look better. This will make you more attractive to a prospective partner.




You can work to improve your financial situation. There are always ways to find ways to make extra money. You can work a side hustle. A side hustle could eventually become your main thing so you can leave your employer. Some examples of side hustles could be driving for Uber or Lyft or delivering food for UberEasts or GrubHub. You could also work to build your website and YouTube Channel.


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You can also transition work from your current job to a job that pays better by improving your skill set. You could learn in-demand tech skills or trade skills. It could mean taking some time to take a course online, not necessarily through a university, to learn the skills. Learning a more technical skill or a skill that is in demand that employers are willing to pay more for will help to increase what you are paid. It will also make you more competitive in the marketplace.



A relationship-oriented single is primarily focused on finding a romantic relationship. This is only one of many reasons why people may be single.

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