What is self-rule? With more people feeling frustrated with politicians, so-called “experts,” and the government, why do people think they need rulers? A return to self-responsibility and self-rule is the solution.


What Is Self-Rule?


Self-rule means that you control, rule, and direct your life. You are in charge of living your life so that you may achieve the outcome you want. You alone are in control of your life. No one else is. You have complete control and ownership of your life.


You rule over yourself. No one else does. No politician. No government. No government agency. No so-called “expert” or leader. You are the ruler of your body, mind, spirit, choices, actions, and property. You are a sovereign individual.

Problem With Centralized Power 


Politicians and policymakers only make things worse for the average person. They make grandiose promises to people when running for election. The policymaker’s position is to write policies and regulations, making things more difficult for the ordinary person. Politicians and policymakers make it more difficult for small and medium-sized business owners by creating more rules or saying they must pay their workers a certain amount. This disincentivizes people who may want to start their own business but want to be entrepreneurial. This negatively affects the economy. It creates fewer jobs for people who wish to join the workforce.

Illusions Of Safety

This trend toward centralization of power has only continued to grow. This is especially true after September 11th and Covid in 2020. People are willing to give up their freedoms for safety. They eagerly give up their rights and freedoms. This makes the next generations less free.


The precedents have already been set with those two main events from the past two decades. You now must go through airport security in the name of safety. Next, they may require you to show your vaccination passport to travel anywhere. The G20 recently approved the vaccine passport to prevent future pandemics.


The problem is that it is not a vaccine passport. It is a data passport. It is another way to control you. Now connect the vaccine/data passport with a Central Bank Digital Currency, and you have no more control over your body or bank account.


When people in society no longer want to be responsible or disciplined, freedom vanishes from society. This is what has happened today. Past generations gave up their freedoms to politicians and the government. People willingly do this even though there is low trust in the government.


Loss Of Trust In Government 


People continue to lose trust in the government. According to Pew Research, 64% of Americans have low faith in the federal government. Public confidence in government continues to reach new lows, as the chart by Pew Research shows below.


Source: Pew Research



Why people continue to vote for politicians and think that the government can provide solutions, given that 64% of people don’t trust the government, boggles my mind.


Yet, people continue to vote. People continue to think that the government is there to help them. Governments have killed the most people in history. The US Government has targeted its people many times, from Ruby Ridge to the assignation of Fred Hampton. And people think the government will keep them safe if they give up their guns with gun control?

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Zedong


A Return To Self-Responsibility


Self-responsibility and self-discipline are required for freedom. You cannot rule over your life without taking responsibility and practicing self-discipline. You can make changes to be more disciplined and practice radical self-responsibility.


You will likely remain stuck when you continue to think that the institutions have your best interest. You may find yourself living an unfree life. You continue to do as you are told. You stay stuck where you are. You continue to do what others ask you to please others.

The only person who is responsible for you is you. Take responsibility. Rule over your life!


It is natural to govern yourself rather than be controlled by another person. This contrasts with being dependent on society, so-called “experts,” or the government. It is up to you if you would instead rule over your own life or have rulers rule over you who dictate what you can and cannot do in your everyday life. It does not matter if they are politicians, policymakers, a so-called “expert,” or someone else that society has said you must respect because of their position. Just because they have a position does not mean you must respect them.


It does not mean that they are better than you. It does not give them the right to dictate your life. Tell you what you can and cannot do.


There is nothing wrong with questioning authority. Think for yourself—question everything. People can do this if they want to push back against centralized power. They can then start to accept self-responsibility and self-govern over their lives.


 It is up to you if you want to be ruled over by politicians, so-called “experts,” and “leaders, or if you want to take responsibility and rule over your life or be ruled over by others. Take back your life. You can start today.




Politicians, the government, and centralized institutions do not have the power to dictate your life. There are ways that you can take back control of your life. It begins with you. You must start accepting self-responsibility and want to rule over your life daily. You can then start to discover strategies to become more self-reliant.

 Take back your life. You can start today.

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