Why does society make voluntary celibates feel like they are not welcome? There are negative stigmas attached to voluntary celibates, or volcels. Instead of treating people as individuals, society places people into groups to attach a stereotype to people. Voluntary celibacy is merely one of many options for why someone may be single.


What Is Voluntary Celibacy?



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Voluntary celibacy is the long form of the slang word volcel. According to Urban Dictionary, “As opposed to incel, volcel is voluntarily celibate. It means that (usually) [the person] can get laid, sometimes pretty easily, but chooses instead to avoid sex.” A voluntary celibate is someone who chooses to live a celibate life without sexual relationships. It can be for only a brief period of time or for an entire lifetime. The reasons why someone may be a voluntary celibate will vary from person to person.


Where Are Voluntary Celibates From?


Anyone around the world can be a voluntary celibate. It does not matter where they live. A volcel could be your neighbor to someone living on the other side of the world.


When Can Someone Become A Voluntary Celibate?


Someone can become a voluntary celibate during any stage of life. There is no vow of celibacy required since it is informal. It is a chosen lifestyle.


How Can Someone Make The Most Of Being A Voluntary Celibate?


A voluntary celibate can make the most of their volceldom by focusing on themselves. They can hone their strengths, skills, and abilities. Instead of seeking external validation through romantic relationships, here are three primary ways how voluntary celibates can begin to focus on themselves.




The first way is to focus on personal health. You can exercise daily. Follow a diet that works for your health needs. Go to the gym a few times a week or every day. It will depend on your health goals.


You can go for daily walks. You can choose from a range of diets that may work best for you, from the carnivore diet, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, or the DASH diet. You can also go to the gym to work to lose weight or to gain muscle. When you integrate regular exercise, working out, and following a diet, you will begin to see your health slowly improve.




The second way is to develop friendships. You can make friends with people who share similar interests and values as you. You can use a website like Meetup to easily meet people who share your interests and values. You can find ways to be involved in your community. It could even be something as simple as having a conversation with someone at a bar or restaurant. It is up to you to decide who your friends are and whom you want to surround yourself with.




The final way is to work to generate income. You can work a regular job, but after that job, you can work a side hustle to bring in more income. Depending on your financial goals, that side hustle could become your main thing allowing you to leave your job. Some examples of side hustles include freelancing, starting a YouTube Channel, working on building a website, or finding other creative ways to build income streams.


Once you have enough income coming in from what is now your main thing, you could make it into an online business. You can then reinvest your money into another business or in other investments like real estate, the stock market, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, land, or buying a second passport or residency in another country. You want to diversify your investments, but the investment which will give you the highest return on investment is owning your own business.





Voluntary celibates, or volcels, get a bad rep from society. There is nothing wrong with being a voluntary celibate despite the negative stigmas that are attached to it. No matter why you may be single, it is important to acknowledge that people may be single for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons may be because someone is a voluntary celibate.


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