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<p>Secure means being safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety while being confident in a lifestyle and identity as a single person.</p>

Secure means being safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety while being confident in a lifestyle and identity as a single person.

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5 Signs Of A True Friend And Why Singles Need To Value Their Friendships That They Have With The People In Their Lives

23rd January 2018

Friends and friendship are undervalued in a society that is infatuated with romantic love, dating, and marriage. There are many qualities that singles should look for and value in a good friend. A true friend is hard to find, but here are five ways to spot a true friend in your life.

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Valentines Day
19th January 2018

Forget Having A Lover Or A Date This Valentine’s Day Because Singles Everywhere Are Realizing The Holiday Is Overrated

Singles everywhere are ditching the nationally recognized holiday in February known as Valentine’s Day to relieve themselves of the pressure to find a date. It’s true that advertisements make it look like everybody and their mother has special plans for Valentine’s day. You don’t have to feel alone, and you can be single while surviving this terrible lover-centric month.

Single Statistics
17th January 2018

5 Facts and Statistics Singles Should Know About Being Single Today That Prove The Single Life Is Healthier Than Marriage

Those studies present being single and the single life as bad states to be in and marriage is the only thing that can rescue singles. Recent research, studies, and statistics have found that marriage is no longer that healthy and prosperous institution that people and society thought it was.

Sexy Water
15th January 2018

Single Is Sexy: You Don’t Need A Partner To Be Sexy Or To Feel Hot Because You Already Are As A Single

Be sexy because no partner is needed to feel sexy and to feel good about the person you are today. Remember that people who feel sexy and good about themselves are ultimately more attractive than any person who needs outside validation and who is in a bad relationship.

Savings Accounts
13th January 2018

3 Basic Savings Accounts Singles Can Invest In to Increase The Value Of Their Money And Their Net Worth

Singles should financially prepare themselves for their future. These three different types of savings accounts are great starting points for singles.

Cuffing Season
11th January 2018

What Cuffing Season Is And How You Can Avoid It To Prevent Distractions In Your Life

We say ‘ugh!’ to cuffing season. Romance is just a black hole filled with terror and doom. Like the famous economist, John Maynard Keynes once said, “In the long run, we are all dead”, so if this is the case for us, saving yourself from being in a bad relationship is worth it to have enough time to enjoy your life.

Single Men Dating
7th January 2018

Single Men Are Dropping Women Like They Are Hot, Dangerous, And Are Not Worth Their Time To Date For the Single Life

Single men are not dating. They are not asking women out as often compared to the past. While many in the dating, wedding, and marriage industries see this as a problem, single men are breaking free from the pressure to date women to pursue other interests is a valid choice.


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