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<p>Secure means being safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety while being confident in a lifestyle and identity as a single person.</p>

Secure means being safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety while being confident in a lifestyle and identity as a single person.

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5 Ways Singles Can Embrace The Internet To Find, To Grow, And To Do Fun And Interesting Activities Online From Their Computer

22nd March 2018

Singles can make use of the Internet to educate themselves or to have virtual sex. Cyberspace is a gift to singles. It makes it easier for single to meet new people and to grow as a single in the 21st Century.

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Happily Single
22nd March 2018

10 Reasons Why I Am Happily Single While Everyone Else I Know Is In A Relationship

Most of the people I know, or who I am “friends” with on social media, are dating or are married. I have no interest in dating and I am happily single. While some may think there is an obligation to date from social pressure and from single shaming, I choose to remain happily single.

Habanero Chicken Stir Fry
18th March 2018

Cooking For One: Hot Single Habanero Chicken Stir Fry

Some singles like it hot. This is an easy and healthy habanero chicken stir fry recipe for one. If you like it hot, this Hot Single Habanero Chicken Stir Fry recipe is for you.

18th March 2018

Single Women Beware The Cons of Getting Knocked Up

Sadly, women give up their life and devote all their energy and time to a child who is completely dependent on them. Sounds great, right? Single women can take advantage of the advances that came with the pill and the sexual revolution to prevent getting knocked up.

Saint Patrick's Day
16th March 2018

Five Ways Singles Can Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 2018

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for many reasons. The modern version of Saint Patrick’s Day is now an excuse to drink Irish drinks and to wear green.

Christian Church
16th March 2018

The Christian Church Needs To Acknowledge That Marriage Is Temporary And Singleness Is Eternal

The Christian church and the Christian community has neglected singleness in favor of the earthly institution of marriage. While marriage is good, it is a temporary earthly institution that God gave to Adam and Eve in the beginning. There will be no marriage on earth after the Second Coming with the new heaven and the new earth.

13th March 2018

More Women Want To Be Single: Why We’re Leaving Behind An Age-Old Tradition Of Marriage

If you’ve noticed the increasing number of singles, women especially, it is because more often than not women prefer to stay single, rather than get into a time consuming and committed relationship. Single women are on the rise, marriage is on the decline, and it’s because we are focused on our goals.


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