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<p>Secure means being safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety while being confident in a lifestyle and identity as a single person.</p>

Secure means being safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety while being confident in a lifestyle and identity as a single person.

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Why Do Women Still Believe the White Wedding Marriage Fairytale Bullshit

19th April 2018

Getting married and having a fairytale life is not exactly what happens when you enter adulthood. So many women have dreams manifest from their childhood of getting married to Prince Charming and living in a castle. The marriage fairytale myth hurts singles and couples alike.

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Online Data Privacy
18th April 2018

An Intermediate Guide to Online Data Privacy in the Age of Big Data and Data Collection

In the beginner’s guide to online privacy, I provided an introduction to the basic tools that you need to implement to protect your privacy online. You will use all of the steps in the first guide along with those included in the intermediate guide to online data privacy.

Professional Single Women
15th April 2018

How Legislation, Warfare, And The Economy Brought About The Rise Of Childfree Professional Single Women In Society In The 21st Century

It’s no secret that the birth rates across industrialized countries have been on the decline for the last handful of decades. Professional single women now outnumber men in the workforce. The decline of birth rates is due to changes in legislation, international warfare, and the ease and availability of resources.

Solo Women Travel
15th April 2018

A Solo Women Travel Safety Guide For International Travel: An Instant Guide For Nomad Gals

In lieu of the rise of women independence and economic power, women are beginning to do more and see more through travel. Solo women travel is becoming common around the world.

Online Privacy
10th April 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Privacy in the Age of Big Data and Data Collection

With the recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal that has made some people decide to leave Facebook, now is a perfect time for people to learn about online privacy.

Change Society
3rd April 2018

5 Ways You Can Use The Values Of The Single Life To Change Society To Make It Into What You Want It To Be Tomorrow

These five steps can help you change society to how you think it should look. There are many ways that these can be applied from teaching your friends about single shaming to an issue that you are passionate about and believe society needs to fix now.

United States Solo Travel
3rd April 2018

Top 25 Summer United States Solo Travel Destinations For Singles

Summer is quickly approaching and travel is a popular thing to do during the summer months. Solo travel is on the rise and singles can plan a summer solo trip this year. There are many United States solo travel destinations that singles can explore this summer.


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