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How often do you go grocery shopping alone? Here is the ultimate guide to how to grocery shop for one!

How To Grocery Shop For One

Never Go Grocery Shopping Hungry

One great rule to follow when grocery shopping is to avoid going to the store on an empty stomach. Why? You may purchase more food than necessary or buy pre-made meals from the store’s deli section. The result is that you could spend more money than you would if you had gone to the store after eating a proper meal.

Shopping List

Bringing a shopping list when you go grocery shopping or run errands is always a good idea. A shopping list is a valuable tool that can help you save money. Your shopping list should include all the items you need to buy at the store.

I use a shopping list app on my phone whenever I go shopping. This way, I can remember what I am buying and avoid buying something I do not need.

Follow A Budget

Learning money management skills is essential. Following a budget is one of the best ways to achieve that. For instance, setting a monthly grocery budget is an excellent way to manage your finances. You can then divide the monthly budget into weekly portions to determine how much you can spend each week.

Following a budget helps you learn to spend your money wisely at the store. Additionally, a budget enables you to develop self-discipline in managing your finances.

Use A Basket

You can opt for a shopping basket instead of a shopping cart at the grocery store’s entrance. The shopping basket helps limit the number of items you can purchase while shopping.

Keep Portions Small

Keep your portion size small. This makes meals more manageable cooking for oneself. Smaller portion sizes help to decrease food waste and gain weight.

Shop Sales

Shopping sales can help you to save extra money. You can substitute a brand or an item on your list for the one on sale.

For example, if you were planning to buy canned beans and the pinto beans were on sale, you could buy those. If there is a sale on a specific type of meat or vegetables when you go to the store, you could buy what is on discount rather than what is on your grocery list.

Another way to save extra money is by purchasing the store brand rather than the name brand

Pay With Cash Or A Debit Card

When you shop for groceries, you are most often making a small purchase. There is no reason to put minor purchases on a credit card. It is best to pay with cash or a debit card for groceries and other small items.

Use Coupons

If you want to save extra cash at the grocery store, using coupons is a fantastic option. You can get discounts on the items you need. Couponing is also an intelligent way to make your budget go further.

So why not try it and see how much you can save? Remember, there’s nothing wrong with using coupons!

Shop The Perimeter Of The Grocery Store

Did you know that fresh produce and meat are usually found around the store’s perimeter when you shop at a grocery store? Sticking to the outside aisles allows you to find various fresh and nutritious meal options.

On the other hand, processed and canned foods tend to be located toward the center of the store. So, next time you are at the grocery store, consider shopping the perimeter for healthier options to nourish your body.

Freeze Your Leftovers

If you have any leftovers, it is a good idea to freeze them. Remember to write the best-by date when storing food in the container or freezer bag. Additionally, you can put a sticker on the food in your refrigerator that indicates when it will expire.

These simple steps can help you better track your leftovers and avoid wasting food.


These are ten strategies for grocery shopping for one person. Cooking for oneself can save money and is also a valuable life skill.

Is there a strategy that you use when you go grocery shopping? Let me know in the comments.

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