5 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Being Single On National Singles Day 2018

National Singles Day 2018

Celebrate being single on National Singles Day 2018 and let’s work to change society together to stop stigmatizing single people.

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It Is Important To Enjoy Being Single In Your 30s Even If You Want To Date

Single in your 30s

There is nothing wrong with being single in your 30s because it is a time to discover yourself and to prepare yourself for someone.

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Dating In Your 30s And 40s And You Still Want To Get Married? 6 Surprising Things That’ll Make You Thankful

dating in your 40s couple in bed with newspaper

If you want to get married and are unhappily dating in your 40s there are a few things you’ve got to know that will make your life much more joyful!

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A Basic Guide For How Singles Can Host A Great Party For Guests In 5 Simple Steps

Basic Guide for how Singles can Host a Party

An important life skill for anyone to learn is how to host a party. This is a basic guide for how singles can host a party.

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Alpha Females In Relationships— Are Men Afraid Of Successful Single Educated Women?

alpha females in relationships

If you one of the alpha females in relationships (or not) I would like know what you think about this idea. Are relationships out for alpha women?

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6 Simple Reasons Why It Is Best To Be Single In College

Single in College

Value your time being single in college and focus on the benefits of the single life rather than always pursuing romantic relationships.

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4 Comebacks For Feel Good Dating Advice You Don’t Want From Your Friends

dating advice

If you’re tired of getting bad dating advice from your friends and need something snarky to say— You’ve come to the right place.

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Single Mothers and Politics, From Scapegoat to Powerful Force

pregnant single mother

In politics, single mothers are historical scapegoats of many candidates. But as the numbers of single parents increases, we form a powerful voting bloc.

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Intoxication of Marriage and Why The Church Requires A Theological Reevaluation Of Singleness

Theological Reevaluation

There is a need for the church to perform a theological reevaluation of singleness and return to the tradition of the early church and church fathers theological understanding of singleness.

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30 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Single Today!

Make the most of being single

The single life offers a lot to singles and here are 30 ways to make the most of being single. Thrive as a single person today!

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