5 Cybersecurity Practices Everyone Should Use Now

Practical Cybersecurity Singles Online

Cybersecurity is a major issue today with a new hack almost every week. Everyone should use basic cybersecurity practices to protect themselves today.

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Dangers of Being A Single Woman in Certain Countries

Single Women Other Countries

Singles continue to be stigmatized by society and popular culture, but in certain countries single women are called leftover women because they are not married.

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6 Reasons Why Singles Often Regret Getting Married


Society pressures singles to date and to get hitched because popular cultures falls for the soul mate myth. Here are six reasons why singles regret marriage and why they should stop believing they need a partner.

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The Birth of the Childless Movement

Rise Single By Choice Childless By Choice

Singles and the childless can join together to propel what being single truly means in a society that worships the white picket fence.

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Memento Mori, Reality of Life, and Singles

Singles Memento Mori Stoic Philosophy

October is a great month to remember memento mori with Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Singles should construct it around the single life.

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Single, Childless By Choice, and Happy


The decision to have children is a choice made by a couple or a single. However, there are singles who are childless by choice and happy.

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5 October Activities For Singles To Do This Fall

Single Woman Pumpkins Fall Jacket

Here are five activities for singles to do during the October. Go to events alone, with friends, or host an event to get into the spirit of October.

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Thank You All Secure Singles For Your Support

Secure Single Concert Community

Secure Single has grown immensely over this past year and James Bollen and the Secure Single Teams wants to thank the singles community for their support!

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3 Grocery Shopping Life Hacks For Singles To Use At The Store

Single Grocery Shopping Life Hacks

Singles don’t fit in to the retail and marketing strategies that target families at the store. Here are three grocery shopping hacks for singles.

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4 Values To Embrace Being Single Again After Your Partner Leaves You

Single Again Compass Guide

Being single again after your partner or spouse leaves you is a hard thing to do. Here are four values you should embrace if you are single again.

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