How Learning To Flirt At The Bar Can Improve Your Business Skills And Amplify Your Social Life


It is alright for singles to flirt, even if you are a single not looking for a relationship. Flirting helps to develop skills that you can improve your business and social skills.

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5 Catphishing Red Flags Relationship-Oriented Singles Must Know Today


Cathphishing, or sweetheart scams, is a type of phishing attack that targets singles who use online dating sites. Catphishing an emerging threat online that exploits relationship-oriented singles.

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The Art Of Being Single And The Single Life Experiment

The single life experiment is a time for singles to experiment in the lab of life instead of choosing to get stuck in a relationship. Singles should pursue life experiences instead of romantic relationships.

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Independent Singles Are Not Looking For A Romantic Partner Because They Know They Are Responsible For Their Own Happiness

Independent Singles

Independent singles depend on themselves instead of on a romantic partner. Independent singles thrive on independence and love all that the single life has to offer them.

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3 Ways An Involuntary Celibate Single Can Hook Up And Find Someone To Have Sex With Today

Involuntary Celibate

These are three ways an involuntary celibate single can find sex and hook up today. There is no reason to not have sex given the many options available today to connect with people who are looking for sex.

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5 Self-Love Secrets For Singles To Learn How To Be Happy Being Single

Self-Love Secrets

These are five essential self-love secrets to help singles to learn to fully enjoy the single life and all that being single has to offer that I have learned during my life.

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Prince Charming, Princess Syndrome, And The Big Lie About Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Happily ever after is a myth that Disney made popular. Single women need to stop believing in Prince Charming and leave the Princess Syndrome in the dust.

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5 Ways Singles Can Overcome The Loneliness Epidemic That Affects Half Of All Americans

Loneliness Epidemic

The loneliness epidemic is a growing problem across America and has been linked to a number of health issues. Singles can implement these five strategies to prevent loneliness.

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4 Ways Singles Can Benefit From A Dating Break In World That Says Everyone Must Date

taking a break from dating

A dating break may be the thing you need to make your life flourish. Whether you’re burned out or have had one too many bad dates, it’s time for you to embrace the single life and love you for while.

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5 Simple Finance Habits You Can Integrate Into Your Financial Life As A Single Person

Financial Life

Being single is hard enough when you are on your own, especially when it comes to getting on your financial life in order. It is not impossible though singles.

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