Why Singles Do Not Need to Seek Solace by Dating During the Holiday Cuffing Season

Handcuffs Cuffing Season

The fall and winter seasons are a time when singles are expected to find a significant other. This time is called cuffing season. It is called cuffing season because it is believed that singles desire to be cuffed or tied down to a serious relationship and to bring a significant other back home during the holidays.

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5 Ways Being Single Allows You To Be Your Best Self During the Holiday Season

Single Woman Blonde Jacket

Being single is awesome! And here is why. Being single is the time you have to ‘figure it all out’, but of course that is a lifelong journey.

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5 Reasons Why Singles Are More Social and Contribute More to Their Community Than Their Coupled Up and Married Friends

Single Travel Freedom Mountain Clouds

There is a myth believed by society and people that if you are single, you are isolated and alone. Nothing is further from the truth. Singles are more social and have a larger community than their married friends.

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3 Responses to Your Family and Friends for when You are Asked About Why You are Single this Holiday Season

Woman Arms Freedom

Being single is a universal state that everyone can relate to, because at one point or another everyone has been single. During this holiday season, we all know that if you are in your 20’s and 30’s without a significant other, then people are going to be asking what’s up.

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5 White Elephant Christmas Present Ideas for Singles

White Elephant Exchange Single Gifts

Got your gift, and ready to go? Well then, great work! The nice thing about white elephant parties are that they are great for single people because it is one gift to a group of friends, and when everyone participates it can be a lot of fun because everyone gets a gift.

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3 Ways That The Church Can Help Single Christians In The Church By Recognizing That Singleness Is Good

Single Cross Mountains Stars

Christians in the church often look down on those who are unmarried. This is problematic because singleness is Biblical. This also creates division within the church.

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5 Health Benefits of Meditation And Why Singles Should Meditate During the Holiday Season

Meditation can calm a stressful mind and will help you center yourself before you go back out onto the battlefield of life. Here are the five benefits of meditation that you can integrate into your schedule that singles can implement today.

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5 Life Experiences That Singles Should Have Before Getting Into A Relationship


As an anecdote to cheating, risky behavior, or downright dangerous acts, relieving yourself of these five things may be just the key to save yourself from heartache should you enter a committed relationship.

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3 Ways Singles Can Have Amazing Relationships With Their Friends in Daily Life

Three Girl Friends walking on Beach

Good relationships bounce us backup after we have fallen. It is up to us to nurture and foster a loving environment for our relationships to become deep and meaningful. Here are three ways you can improve your relationships today!

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7 Reasons Why Friends Can Meet After 7 PM and It’s Not a Date

Single Brunette Back Against Tree Roses in Hair

There is a common idea held by society that when two people get together after 7 pm that it is a date. This misconstrues relationships into being things that they are not and affects friendships.

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