How To Be Friends With A Guy — When He Really Wants You

How To Be Friends With A Guy

Things can become tricky when you want to know how to be friends with a guy— But he wants to jump your bones, put a ring on it, or be your seductive servant for the next few months. Here’s how to be friends with a guy. What’s a girl to do? Girlfriend, you’ve got to…

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Time Alone And 5 Ways How It Benefits Singles To Spend Time In Solitude And To Explore On Their Own

Time Alone

It is important for singles to learn to enjoy time alone. Here are five ways how spending time alone is beneficial for singles!

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Single Men, Sexual Satisfaction, And Why Men No Longer Need Romantic Relationships For Sex

Sexual Satisfaction

Technology has brought down the mating market price for sex. Cheap sex is common place and single men know how easy it is to get sexual satisfaction today.

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The Christian Church Singles Problem And The Singles Groups Disaster That Does Not Help Singles

Church Singles Problem

The church singles problem starts with the fundamental problem of not preaching about singleness, but it does not end there!

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How Tinder and Hookup Apps and Websites Have Ruined Relationships for Singles— Forever


Tinder has ruined relationships for singles… forever! For singles who eventually want to settle down, gone are the days of courting and love letters.

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Fourth of July and Singles Independence Day

Singles Independence

This Fourth of July is an opportunity to celebrate singles independence. Celebrate autonomy and independence this holiday singles!

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How To Be A Happy Single Woman: These Tricks Will Blow Your Mind!

Happy Single Woman

If you want to learn how to be a happy single woman, and you feel like it’s hard— You’ve gotta learn these two mind-blowing tricks!

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Depression in Ageing Singles: 5 Steps for Ageing Singles to Apply in Daily Life to Thrive in Midlife as a Single Person

With the rise of depression and suicide in America. here are 5 steps for ageing singles to cope with sadness and loss of transitions.

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Why Are You Single? 17 Beautifully Snarky Responses.

why are you single

If you’re sick of everyone you meet saying “Why are you single?” You’ve got to read this. These responses will make them never ask you again.

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3 Options For Single Women Who Get Pregnant Outside Of Wedlock


Single women have a range of options available to them if they get pregnant outside of wedlock today. Here are the three most common options.

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