Stop Obsessing Over Someone: Transform Your Life

Are you unable to get your past significant other out of your mind? Stop obsessing over someone to transform your life! Stop Obsessing Over Someone: Transform Your Life What Is An Obsession? An obsession is when you think about someone or something all the time. Obsessing over someone or something can be unhealthy and unproductive….

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15 Daily Habits To Supercharge Your Life

Have you ever felt like you’re not investing enough in yourself? You may struggle to prioritize self-care and personal development in your daily routine. You are not alone. These are fifteen daily habits to invest in yourself and supercharge your life. 15 Daily Habits To Supercharge Your Life Reading Dedicate time each day to feed…

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9 Life-Changing Ways To Level Up Instead Of Chasing Romantic Love

Are you tired of always hearing that you must find your soulmate to be happy? These are nine life-changing ways to level up your life instead of chasing romantic love. 9 Life-Changing Ways To Love Up Instead Of Chasing Romantic Love Take Ownership Of Your Life While society advocates for looking up to leaders, embracing self-responsibility is…

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The Looming Social Security Crisis: 7 Things You Need To Know

A picture of the seven countries with hands reaching up in the air. A yellow crisis ahead sign is in the forefront. Image created using Canva Pro.

Social Security is a major unfunded liability. Younger generations are skeptical that Social Security will not support them when they reach retirement age. You need to know seven things about the looming Social Security crisis. “Social Security is a secure way to find great pleasure in being terribly decieved.” – Ernie J Zelinski The Looming…

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The Empowerment Of Choosing A Sexless Lifestyle

A waterfall falling into a blue lake surrounded by purple flowers. A beautiful woman walking in a white dress. The male and female sex symbols. Image created using Canva Pro.

Sex is an integral part of human life, but it has become overly idolized in society. It is time to take back control of your life and embrace a sexless lifestyle. Here are ten compelling reasons why you should consider this option. The Empowerment Of Choosing A Sexless Lifestyle No Distractions Or Addictions Are you…

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Maximizing Productivity: 12 Ways To Use Your Calendar Effectively

An upright calendar sitting on a table with a round clock in front of it. Image created using Canva Pro.

A calendar is a clock that controls your life. Once you understand its purpose is to help you properly manage your time, you can dictate how you use it. Using the 24-hour clock on your calendar daily can help you reach your goals and experience success. Here are twelve ways to use your calendar effectively….

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Exposing The College Scam

A college classroom in the background. In the front, a student is raising his graduation hat and diploma behind a ripped piece of paper. Image created using Canva Pro.

Is college still necessary for success in the modern world? Here is a look at the contemporary college scam. Exposing The College Scam High School During high school, you may encounter various individuals and entities, such as your career counselor, classmates, and representatives from different universities, who may encourage you to pursue higher education. However,…

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Shocking Truth: Is College Worth It?

Trinity College during the summer with two attractive female students walking on campus. The image was created using Canva Pro.

Do you need to go to college? Will going into debt for college help your future? Is college worth it? Here is a look at why attending college may not be worth it. Is College Worth It? Financial Considerations The cost of obtaining a college degree is a primary source of financial stress for many…

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The Ultimate Guide To How To Grocery Shop For One

A bone woman shopping alone for vegetables at the grocery store with a blue background. There is a red shopping basket with black handles is on the bottom center. A bag with vegetables and fruit is on the lower left. Image created using Canva Pro.

How often do you go grocery shopping alone? Here is the ultimate guide to how to grocery shop for one! How To Grocery Shop For One Never Go Grocery Shopping Hungry One great rule to follow when grocery shopping is to avoid going to the store on an empty stomach. Why? You may purchase more…

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Fertility Crisis: Shocking 2021 Global Fertility Rate

A brunette woman breastfeeding her baby on a bed in the background. A fertility crisis red arrow moving downward with the 2021 global fertility rate. Image created using Canva Pro.

Does a worldwide fertility crisis exist? Will humanity cease reproduction? Will your family name die off? Here is a look at the shocking 2021 global fertility rate! 2021 Global Fertility Rate Statista’s Katharina Buchholz reports that the global fertility rate is declining from 5.3 children in 1963 to 2.3 children per woman in 2021. African…

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