As everything becomes more centralized, people have become reliant on institutions. Despite declining trust in institutions from the government to banks, people still rely on them. A return to self-reliance is needed to transition away from these institutions’ control over everything from the education system to the financial system. There are seven ways how you can become more self-reliant.


A Return To Self-Reliance



The Problem With Centralized Systems


The problem with centralized systems is that they create a single point of failure. The financial system relies upon the banks and the stock market to always be accessible. Another problem is how reliant everything has become on the government. The medical system has also become heavily centralized, with a limited number of hospitals in areas. Food has also become centralized, with large grocery store chains controlling most of the food people can purchase. If anything were to happen to any of these institutions, would you be prepared to survive or get through on your own? Would you have a community around you to help you survive?


7 Ways How To Become More Self-Reliant


There are many ways how you can become more self-sufficient. Here are seven ways how you can begin to become more self-reliant.


Gardening And Raising Animals


Learning to garden and raise your animals is the first way to become self-reliant. You could plant a small garden. You could grow some vegetables on your patio or try a vertical garden. You could also raise some small animals like rabbits or chickens. You will get protein and vegetables from a garden and animals.


Know Your Farmers And Ranchers


If you don’t have enough space to start a garden or to raise animals, your second option is to get to know your local farmers and ranchers. You go to your local farmer’s market. You can build relationships with the farmers and ranchers where you live. You could buy a whole, half, or quarter cow to stock up on beef for the year to become less reliant on grocery stores. You can build a relationship with your local farmer and have fresh vegetables delivered to you.


You can find local farmers and ranchers in your area with Local Harvest. Local Harvest can show you where the closest farmers’ market, farmers, and ranchers are near you.


Passive Income Streams


The third way is to work to build passive income streams. There are many ways to make passive income streams today with the Internet. You can self-publish a book. You can do affiliate marketing on a website. You can run advertisements on a website or YouTube Channel. You can sell digital courses. You can sell merchandise. There are lots of ways that you can make passive income. The only limit is yourself and your imagination.


When you build enough passive income streams, you will begin to have passive revenue coming into your business if you have set up a business. This will put you on the Business side of the ESBI Quadrant. You can then reinvest that money into another business or invest it in the stock market, real estate, and other investments that generate cash flow.


Investments Outside Of The System


You can also hold some of your money outside of the fiat money system. This could be in precious metals. Gold has been money for thousands of years. Silver has been used for barter and trading. You will want to hold precious metals in your possession.


Cryptocurrencies are another option. While cryptocurrency is a highly speculative asset class, SEC Chair Gensler affirms that Bitcoin is a commodity. Monero is another option for a more well-known privacy coin. Similar to precious metals, it is not your crypto if you don’t hold the keys. You want to keep any crypto you may have off of exchanges.


If you have a garden and some animals, you may also be able to trade those for things you need with people to be outside of the system. You could trade chicken eggs for something you need from a neighbor. You could trade fruits or vegetables as well. You could barter with others to get the things you need in case of SHTF.


Solar And Generators As Backup


You can get solar and generators for backup if the power goes out.  Solar may be more optimal depending on the climate where you live. You can then have a gas or diesel generator for backup. You have either or both to keep your electricity running in case of a power outage or if something worse happens. This is another way to become more self-reliant.


Like-Minded Community


You can meet like-minded people in your area. You could do this through MeetUp, Facebook groups, or a website that helps facilitate meeting people with similar interests. If you are into self-reliance and preparedness, you can look for groups that are into that. You could also learn from people only in a virtual community. When SHTF, you want to know who you can trust and rely on. Those people will be part of your like-minded community.


Have A Plan B


Finally, you can have a Plan B. This could be having a bugout place. It could also be having a second residency or passport in another country.


 A bugout place could be off-grid. It could have solar and gas generators for backup. You could use this in case of an emergency or SHTF scenario. It could also be used to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and everyday life. It could be a way to get back in touch with nature.


Another option is getting a second residency or passport in another country.  You will have to research to determine which country you would enjoy and which meets your personal and business needs. Having a Plan B is a form of insurance. You hope that you never will need to use it, but if you do, you will be happy that you have it.





These seven ways are a good starting point, no matter why you want to become more self-reliant. You want to find people who think like you. You also want to have a backup in case the power goes out. Consider making a bugout spot or getting a second passport for political diversification.


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