More young people are living with their parents due to the rising cost of living, the loss of quality jobs, and the growing service economy. It may be awkward to bring someone home when you live with your parents. Or you may not want to spend the money on a date, then hope to get lucky after dinner. Cybersex simplifies things for both parties. There is no awkward conversation the next day. Has cybersex replaced real sex?

Has Cybersex Replaced Real Sex?

There is no longer any need for singles or couples to have a sexual partner. Cybersex and advanced sex toys can provide better pleasure than most people can. For those who want sex only for the gratification it brings in the moment, cybersex can be a better experience than real sex. There are no awkward conversations. You can figure out your favorite kinks and exactly what you enjoy.

No partner is needed!

What Is Cybersex?

Cybersex may be referred to as Internet sex, netsex, or computer sex. Cybersex is when two people send sexually explicit messages, pictures, videos, or other sexual content to each other. There are a variety of forms that cybersecurity can take. It depends on what the users are using to experience cybersex.

The Rise Of Cybersex

There are different types of cybersex. As the world continues to move online, online sex is becoming more common. Some kinds of cybersex include:

  • Porn
  • Sexting
  • Webcam sex
  • Smart sex toys (teledildonics)
  • Alternate reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sex
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) sex

6 Types Of Cybersex


There are plenty of porn websites that someone can watch for free or pay to gain access to premium content. There is a large variety of erotica content that can be found on porn sites.


Sexting is short for sext texting. Sexting is when sexually suggestive or sexually explicit photos, videos, or messages are sent to another person. The other person could be a romantic partner, a stranger, or a cam model.

Sexting can be used to flirt between two people who are dating. Sexting could also come unsolicited.

Over the holidays, while I was attending community college to learn computer programs, I received a random sex message from a woman in my class. It was pictures of her in bikinis and other risqué photos. She wanted to hook up with me.

Webcam Sex

Webcam sex has grown in popularity. Onlyfans has made a name for itself as a site to find male and female cam models, so people can pay subscriptions to access their favorite models. There are other camming sites where you can watch cam models for free or decide to pay to have private with a model.

Someone must pay per minute for a private with a cam model. Each model will set their price per minute. A cam model may also do VIP shows where multiple people pay to watch the performer.

If you have a significant other, webcamming to have virtual sex could be a way to have a form of intimacy when you are away. It may be a good idea to check the security and terms and conditions of the video streaming service you plan to use.

Smart Sex Toys (Teledildonics)

Smart sex toys can be used solo, by a couple, and by cam models. There are smart sex toys for both men and women. Smart sex toys can be used to stimulate pleasure by providing a range of intensities and vibrations.

Smart sex toys can be controlled over the Internet or with an app. When used over the Internet, these teledildonic toys over a distance to pleasure a partner or a cam model. The smart sex toys that use apps are used for closer distances to stimulate solo or with a partner.

There are a range of smart sex toys for both men and women. There are smart vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, and anything else that smart toy manufacturers come up with to provide pleasure.

Alternate Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR) Sex

Artificial and virtual reality are other ways to experience sex.

There are ways to use AR and VR headsets to have virtual sex. Options to experience AR and VR sex are virtual reality porn, 3-D videos, immersive adult video games, and cam sites.

The only requirement is a headset that works with a website or app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sex

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now provides access to cybersex.  Artificially Intelligent sex ranges from AI chatbots, AI boyfriends and girlfriends, AI adult entertainment, and AI sex dolls.

As technology evolves, AI will begin to look and act more lifelike. That is especially true of the high-end sex dolls that continue to look more human-like. High-end sex dolls can also heat up, moan, and talk to you.

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Next-generation technology is first tested in the areas of sex. That is because sex is a basic human desire. Cybersex allows people to experience the pleasures of sex with or without a partner. It will be interesting to see if people begin to opt out of human relationships and get a sex toy or sex doll instead for pleasure.

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