You may be wondering, how is self-discipline the key to success? Discipline is the foundation of success. Without self-discipline, you will continue to be distracted and unproductive. Self-discipline is how you can work towards the life you want.


How Is Self-Discipline The Key To Success



5 Basic Self-Discipline Best Practices


There are five essential self-discipline best practices that you can start to follow. These strategies can help to improve your life significantly.


Habit Building


Self-discipline is habit-building. You are building small habits that can help you to become successful. These small habits can slowly change your trajectory. You can change your bad habits into good habits. When you eliminate as many bad habits as possible, good habits will direct your life.


Some bad habits could be staying up late, watching television, following influencers or people on social media, and eating an unhealthy diet. The good news is that you can transition from bad habits to good habits.


You can go to bed at a consistent time. You can turn off the fear-mongering television. You can unfollow or look at your social media apps less. You can start to eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet will also help you to have more energy.


Time Management


Time management is a critical aspect of self-discipline. If you do not learn to manage your time, you will lose seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years without knowing it. Instead of wasting your time by doing things that don’t benefit you, you can make every second of your day count.


You can allocate a certain amount of time to complete a specific task. You can then move on to your next project. Time management will become easier as you practice it. It can become a habit. Set time aside. Work to complete as much of a task as you can.


Time management is a strategy for how you can accomplish tasks.


Large Projects


Large projects take more time to complete. While you may be able to complete a small or medium-sized project in a day or two, a large project could take a week to a year or more. You can break your large projects into smaller portions. Breaking big tasks down into smaller segments will make them more manageable. This will prevent you from freezing, so you never complete the large project.


A great time management strategy is to work to complete your most significant task in the morning. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish it. You can next move on to a smaller project.


To-Do Lists


To-do lists are another strategy to ensure you get your tasks done daily. You can start small by working on completing one task. You can then move up to two tasks. You eventually want to be able to get three to five tasks done each day. Some tasks on your to-do list may require more time.


Once you follow your to-do lists, you will discover that the tasks you have always wanted to do are finished. Make a list. Stick to it as best as you can. You can also develop following to-do lists into a habit.


Make a list of the top three things you want to complete the next day. Assign to each approximately how long you think each project will take to finish. Make it a goal to achieve as much on your to-do list the next day you wake up.  This is a strategy that will also help you to become more productive.


Have A Plan


If you don’t have a plan, you will be part of someone else’s.


You must have a plan! You can set goals for yourself. You can only be successful with a plan and a strategy to make your life goals a reality. If you don’t have a plan, you will lose valuable time. You will continue to make excuses for not being where you want to be.


Without a plan, you will continue to remain stuck. You will need more time to get ahead. You will not see your life improve in any way. Your health will not improve. You won’t be able to improve your financial situation. Your relationships won’t improve.


A plan helps you achieve your goals. You combine good habits with time management strategies and complete your daily tasks, and then you can accomplish your goals.


You are responsible for your success.


Self-Discipline Is Freedom


Self-discipline is what leads to a life of freedom. You build habits. You work hard and smart until you accomplish your goals. You will then be able to have to gain more freedom.


You may be able to get your time back.  You can be more independent because you will not be constrained by trading your time for money. You could achieve financial independence. The best way to achieve financial freedom is by owning a business. You make people work for you. You can get your time back while making passive income by selling products and services.


Be Cautious Of Gurus And Institutions


Most people don’t want to practice self-discipline because they prefer the easy route. Some people like to believe that the establishment system has their best interest. A part of the population wants to think that gurus and talking heads are there to help you for the public good. If you feel like this, you give up your responsibility to succeed and transfer your commitment to another person or institution. They will tell you a nice story to make you feel good.


Self-discipline does not happen overnight. Success does not happen overnight. It requires hard work. It requires dedication.





Self-discipline is the foundation of success. With self-discipline, you can improve your life. You can stop being stuck. It will require you to take action to realize your life goals.


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