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Panic attacks are one of the worst things a person can go through. I know because I used to get them— often. I learned how to deal with a panic attack alone and so can you.


When you’re single, you have to know how to deal with a panic attack alone (because you probably don’t have a choice)

Before I went through my divorce, I didn’t think panic attacks were real. I dated a guy in college who would have his so-called “panic attacks.” I thought he was just being overly dramatic. He was a full-blown artist after all and couldn’t even work because of these attacks. I thought he was a wee-bit wimpy and a lot bit lazy. I had no idea the scope of the pain and fear that came along with these I-feel-like-I’m-gonna-die panic attacks. OMG. You just want to crawl in a hole and make the pain go away.




What causes panic attacks in the first place?

Sometimes getting triggered causes panic attacks. For me, it was the ding of multiple nasty text messages from my ex at 3am, 6am, 2pm. 7pm and on and on. Even if my granny were texting me, I would get a panic attack. This was back in the flip phone days, and I couldn’t change my ringtone or text alert sounds. That was my first trigger.

Some people don’t even know why they have them. Others get triggered by specific situations such as getting on a plane or speaking in public. For some, it could be leaving the house. It’s primal stuff in your body that causes a cascade of fear-hormones that pump up your heartbeat, make it hard to breathe, make you sweaty or frozen. So if you’re single now, you’ll want to know how to get out of your primal triggered brain and into your evolved human mind. . .


How to deal with a panic attack while alone?

First notice the symptoms (that won’t be too hard, it’s like a hot flash, when you feel it, you know it’s happening).

Practice controlling your breath. Do this when you do not have a panic attack too. It’ll help you manage it when a panic attack rears its fiery dragon head into your chest. You can practice yoga, mindfulness, and just be aware of your breath.


You can also learn to relax a little better using progressive muscle relaxation (where you tense and relax your muscles)

This technique is easy to use and will help you release tension like nobody’s business. Here are simple instructions at the University of Michigan.


Another step to know how to handle a panic attack alone is to stay off the caffeine, smoking, and alcohol

One of the things I remember when I used to get them is that I would freeze because I was terrified that I was going to have a heart attack. I thought for sure I would die almost every time they occurred, but I didn’t’.

woman meditating for panic attack

Another thing you can do is to move your body

Stretch, take a walk to help release that energy and when you’re done, make some warm chamomile tea. Holding something warm in your hands will give you something else to focus on. Being present and mindful of my body, my breath, and my surroundings helps tremendously.

Even though I felt like I had one foot in the grave (many times) I’m still here and doing great! And I know now if I feel one coming on, I’ve trained myself to manage it with these techniques before it spirals out of control— and so can you! Single people can do anything that couples can do! 

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


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Dina has been mostly single for much of her adult life with lots of dating in between some short, yet growth-centered relationships. She has devoted most of her time to helping singles thrive while on the path to love. She is multi-passionate and loves to connect with other entrepreneurs— Especially ones that are single!
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