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The third way is the most challenging way to learn, but it often makes you learn your lesson so that you then want to learn from the first two in the future.

Failure is the best teacher because you decide to confront and learn from your failure or continue to repeat your mistakes. If you intend to learn from your failures, you are on your self-improvement journey. Many stories show how failure can help you discover what you want to do and what you are passionate about.

These are five ways how to use failure as a learning experience.

Jacob Warwick’s Story

Jacob Warwick is one story. He had no idea what he wanted to do after graduating high school. Warwick found himself always working odd jobs and hours to pay his bills. He was an entry-level journalist at NBC News in his early 20s. He later learned video editing, which taught him about digital marketing at Discovery.

He eventually landed the marketing strategist role through hard work, determination, and learning digital marketing strategy by working for many startups. He ultimately found himself working in Silicon Valley, where Xerox hired him as a young director of marketing.

Jacob Warwick would later go on to become the CEO and co-founder of Discover Podium. He went from working odd jobs and having no idea what he would do to having a company that makes millions of dollars in revenue. Warwick discovered that his passion was digital marketing, to use his marketing talent later to connect people and leaders with jobs they love doing.

Failure can help you in the same way if you learn from your failures.

5 Ways How To Use Failure As A Learning Experience

Teaches You What Not To Do

First, failure teaches you what not to do. You can decipher what you should not do because you could not complete the task, project, or skills you were working toward. You may not be suited for what you were trying to do. Or, maybe you were going about it incorrectly and needed to find another way.

Rather than remaining stuck in your ways, you need to find a solution. Whatever you were doing was not working, and you had to find a creative solution to resolve the problem that was giving you trouble.

Learn From Past Failures

Second, you can learn from your past failures. Rather than viewing your failures as something you could not do, you can view them as a chance to learn more about yourself. You may not be the best at whatever you are working on. That may be a sign that you should move on to something else.

Learning from your failures instead of being angry about your mistakes shows maturity.

Give You Ideas For What To Do

Third, your failures may give you ideas for improving yourself or a project you are working on. You will have tried things that you know you are not good at, don’t enjoy, and don’t have the skills to do. This could eventually keep pushing you by giving you ideas to try something different until you discover what you are passionate about it and skilled at.

Better Version Of A Project

Fourth, failure can help you make a better version. You may have to go through one-hundred different versions of the same project to create the final rendition finally. The first version of something is always flawed. The same applies to learning from mistakes and failures.

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Make You Not Want To Repeat Past Mistakes

Finally, failure makes you want to avoid repeating past mistakes. You will want to prevent yourself from repeating your past failures. You will remember what your core failures were. After learning from your mistakes, you will take precautions to ensure they do not happen again. You will learn better habits, organization skills, or anything to limit your chances of failing.

Failure Teaches You Success

Failure can teach you success. Once you have learned from your mistakes, you know what not to do. If you are willing to learn, mistakes can benefit your future. That knowledge can help you in future projects so that you know the best practices rather than doing things incorrectly.

The lessons from past failures can be used as a ladder to work your way up to success or choose to stop. You learn resiliency by not giving up and learning from your mistakes. Determination is a characteristic of many successful people. You can continue despite your failures until you can solve the problem you have been trying to resolve.

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There is nothing wrong with failure. It is one of the three main ways how you learn. Failure can be the most demanding teacher, but it can teach you excellent lessons if you are willing to pay attention. You can then apply those lessons to other areas of your life.


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