Habits can change your life. Habits can also rune your life. There are good and bad life habits. Good habits are essential because they help you to improve your daily life. These are twelve life-changing habits happily single people do every day.




Autonomy is one of four single life values. When you are happily single, you unleash freedom. You are free to do what you want and when you want. You don’t have to worry about negotiating or updating a significant other about where you are or if you will be back late. You are free, independent, and responsible for you!


Singles Get What They Need


You know your needs better than anyone else. You can focus on your needs. Singles can focus on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to identify needs and identify the requirements they need to develop. The primary needs are security, comfort, leisure, love, respect, and purpose.


Security is an essential human need because you are afraid, defensive, and fearful when you are not secure. As a Secure Single, you should not be frightened or defensive about being single because you can thrive as a single person in a world that idolizes romantic relationships.


Comfort comes after you achieve security. There are a few different types of comfort: physical, emotional, and financial. Once you have personal security and comfort, you can begin to focus on leisure. You can make time to focus on yourself with relaxation so that you can recharge to perform at your best. Comfort comes in three primary forms: emotional, physical, and financial. Emotional comfort is being comfortable with your own emotions. Physical emotion is being comfortable with who you are and where you are so that you have no stress that affects your mood. Financial comfort is being able to have the money needed to survive to meet basic needs. Financial comfort can go further by having the money to live your desired lifestyle.


After you have the first three foundations, you can focus on love. Love does not mean romantic love. There are two primary types of love: self-love and love of others. You must first be able to love yourself before you can start to love others. Once you fully love yourself, then you can work to achieve your full life potential. Love for others does not require a romantic relationship. A love for others is being able to focus on developing long-term and meaningful relationships with connections, friends, and family.


Respect is a basic human need. You, and others, recognize your unique achievements and qualities. Self-respect is a strong motivator that you can draw from when you face a challenge because you have self-respect and know your strengths and skills.

Life Purpose

Once you have established your foundational needs, you can focus on your life purpose. A life purpose gives you something to work towards while providing life direction. When you have a life purpose, you can achieve the highest-level need for self-actualization.


Don’t Wait


Singles can do what they want to do without having to wait for others to permit us. You can run errands when you need to. You can explore where you live, hike, or plan a solo travel trip. Go to your favorite restaurant, plays, museums, movies, or stay home reading a book. You don’t have to wait for the permission of a significant other because you are free to come and go as you please. Do as you please because you don’t have a ball and chain.


Do what makes you happy


One of the most important things that you can learn to do what makes you happy. When you know what makes you happy, find ways to fuel that fire even if people tell you not to do it. You are not afraid to treat yourself. Happiness can increase by expressing gratitude, exercise, a healthy diet, meditating, sleep, and spending time outside. Don’t be afraid to do the things that make you happy.  A happy life is a healthy life.




Peace. Calm. Serenity. It is vital to take a break from the chaos that comes from life. You go on walks, have a massage, meditate, and go outside to enjoy serenity between life’s storms. As a single, you find the time to take the necessary breaks from everyday life pressures.


Develop All of Your relationships


You can focus on all of your relationships since you don’t need to focus on a significant other. Singles can work on maintaining relationships with friends, family, and professional connections. There are many different types of relationships. You can develop your relationships with your friends by going and doing things you share mutual interests. You can build your relationship with your family by talking and spending time with your siblings and parents. As a single, you can follow up and network with people in your field to grow your skills and build a network of professionals who can help your career. Relationships are essential in life.


Spend Time with People


Time is a valuable resource. It is the one resource that we can never get back. Singles choose who and where they want to spend their time. You are not afraid to cut toxic people out of your life. You spend time with the people who genuinely make you happy.


Gratitude List


It is crucial to have a gratitude list. A gratitude list outlines what you are grateful for in life. You know what you are thankful for, and you have a list that you can look at every day. This gratitude list is helpful to have when you want to be ungrateful.




Singles can focus on friendship. You can choose your friends and learn about your friends. Your best friend, and friends, support you just like you support them. As a happily single person, you know others who enjoy being single and who know how to thrive as a single person. We celebrate each other’s victories and support each other. That’s what friends do. Friendship is essential, yet society undervalues it while idealizing romantic relationships.


Keep and Maintain a Life You Love


Singles can live and maintain the life that they love. You can cultivate your skills to make yourself stand out from others. You can plan for the future and work on the needs steps to make it a reality. You can keep, maintain, and live your best life being single.




You are self-reliant as a single person. You can get everything you need to from cleaning, chores, running errands to studying for that big test or job certification. As someone who is self-reliant, you find solutions to your life and call the professionals to resolve the issues you cannot solve on your own. You are confident in yourself. You know that you can rely on your efforts and abilities because you are an independent single.




Singles can work to develop and grow self-love. Self-love is a valuable skill that they learn to nurture and develop the single mindset. We have self-love rituals. We can let things go from our past so that we can move on. You know yourself and can break yourself free from what society tells you to do. You are not afraid to make your path. You are not scared of being single. You are honest and love yourself every day.


Thrive As A Single Person


When you are single, you can learn to thrive as a single person. You can change your mindset to the single mindset. You know how to enjoy being single. You flourish and thrive as a single person.


These are twelve life-changing habits singles practice every day. As a Secure Single, you know that a romantic relationship is not a life requirement to succeed or be happy in life. You can thrive as a single person in a society that pressures people to date, marry, and have the white picket fence.


What is a life-changing habit that you use every day as a single person?


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