Men are deciding to stay single or to go their own way. Men are doing this because men are not in a good position if a marriage does not work. The cost of getting divorced and for alimony is expensive. Men are going their own way because of the costs of divorce and alimony for men. Fewer people are getting married today, or they are choosing to delay getting married. Singles are a rising demographic in the United States in industrialized countries. People are staying single longer for many different reasons. Men are also giving up on women, marriage and are choosing to go their way. Single men are finding it more beneficial to opt-out of dating and eventually getting married. The additional financial risks of the costs of divorce and alimony disincentivize men from getting married. More and more single men are deciding to enjoy the single life and go their own way. These are three simple reasons why men are choosing to go their own way.

Costs of Divorce and Alimony Driving Men To Go Their Own Way

Cost of Divorce

Divorce is expensive, and it does not put men in a good financial position for men who decide to marry. If it doesn’t work out, divorce costs continue even after you file all legal work. The average price of getting divorced in the United States is between $15,000 to $20,000. Additional costs associated with a divorce included attorney fees, mediation fees, parent education fees, therapy, and lender fees. If it doesn’t work out, those are some of the main costs of a divorce.

Cost of Alimony

According to divorce law, alimony is done to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. The cost of alimony payments is based on your income and how the assets and any children you may have been divided after the divorce. Alimony will vary depending on where you live. The general practice is the longer someone was married, the larger the spousal support will be following the divorce. The formulas for alimony vary in each state in the United States. In many states, the number of years of marriage is the number of years of alimony that is required to be paid, but it cannot exceed the number of years the couple was married for, in marriages under twenty years in duration.

Additionally, suppose a spouse quit their job when they got married. In that case, you will then have to cover the cost of job retraining to reenter the workforce. That is called rehabilitative alimony. Divorce and alimony are expensive and take away time and financial resources that men worked hard for over their life. Men recognize the potential social and financial costs that can come with getting divorced, and it makes more sense not to marry because of the risk. For this reason, men are choosing to stay single and to go their own way.

Men Going Their Own Way

Due to divorce laws, alimony, and the financial risk of getting married then getting divorced. Divorce is expensive, and alimony only continues to drain men of their financial resources. It just makes more sense to enjoy being single. Single men can enjoy the single life while choosing to go their own way. Some men have made the conscious decision that they never want to marry. They have made the decision that they want to go their own way. Men going their own is about personal sovereignty and men choosing to pursue their own interests in a society and a world that would prefer that they not do that. Single men realize that they don’t need a significant other or a spouse to be happy because they can be happily single and live their life to the fullest on their own terms.

Men are choosing to go their own way for many reasons. The costs associated with divorce and alimony and that the law is more favorable towards mothers than to fathers when it comes to divorce contribute to men deciding to go their own ways. Singles are a rising demographic, and men are going their own way due to potential divorce and alimony costs.

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