One is not the loneliest number. The number one is the most magical number. Numerology gives meaning to numbers. The number one is an important number for singles because of what the number one symbolizes for singles. The meaning of the number one for singles is self-reliance.


One is the loneliest number. Wrong. One is the freest number. One is the strongest number. One is the creative number. The number one symbolizes independence, confidence, and new beginnings. The meaning of the number one for singles complements the single life values.




One is a symbol of independence. One is a symbol of freedom. One is a symbol of autonomy. You are free to act and to live your own life. You are independent and able to rely upon yourself. You are able to direct your life to work to achieve your life dreams and goals. You are sovereign as a single. One is a self-sufficient number. You can make use of your independence as a single.




One is a symbol of confidence. You have the ability to develop and grow in confidence when you are single. Self-confidence is important to have because you are better able to face your fears. You can learn, practice, and master self-confidence as a single. When you become truly confident you will stand up for what your values rather than being uncertain and timid.


As you develop confidence, you will begin to stay away from negativity and toxic people. You will learn to surround yourself with positive people. To find the people who share your values and your goals. Body language is another sign of self-confidence. Your body language will change as you become more confident. Good posture, a smile, and maintaining eye contact are a sign of confidence. Stop accepting failure and choose to make failure no longer an option by stop making excuses. Be confident and go after what you want in life rather than settling for what others tell you to do. You can build self-confidence as a single.


New Beginnings


One is a symbol of new beginnings. When you become single again, the single life is an opportunity to start again. It is a time to learn that your value and worth as an individual is innate to you. Your value does not externally come from a romantic relationship. Being single is a positive time of life. The single life gives you the ability to improve yourself daily. Each day is a new day. You have twenty-four hours in a day, and it is up to you to use that time as best as you can.


Only One You


The meaning of the number one connects with accepting yourself. Accept yourself and be your own best friend. Learning to accept yourself can be one of the hardest things to do in life. We know our own darkness, weaknesses, and strengths in life. Support yourself by learning about your character strengths. What are character strengths? Are you curious? Kind? Brave? Honest? Along with learning your character strengths, build inner confidence. As you develop and feel more confident in yourself you will become self-reliant. You will stop relying on external compliments, praise, and reassurances to feel happy. Remember, one is about self-reliance. Be confident in your own decisions, even if others question them. Do not be afraid of going your own way and being a lone wolf. Accept yourself for who you are as a unique individual. Stop looking for or seeking approval from others. Self-acceptance is needed because you can give approval to yourself. Self-acceptance leads to self-reliance. Do not be afraid to embrace your individuality. There is only one you.




One is an important number for singles because it signifies self-reliance. Singles can learn independence, confidence, and not to be afraid of new beginnings. One is not the loneliest number. One is the freest of numbers. Society says to conform to it from getting into a romantic relationship to looking for external approval from others. It is up to you to choose to go along from the pressure of society or to make the decision to be self-reliant and to go your own way.


What do you think about the meaning of the number one and how it relates to being single?


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