Traditional education and higher education system are often placed on a pedestal. Many people could only envision the world as a place where they send their kids to school most of the week. Once those kids become adults, they are encouraged and pressured to attend college. The purpose of the education system is to make you conform, lack critical thinking skills, and become a good employee. This post will go over the true purpose of the education system.

True Purpose Of The Education System

Abstract Knowledge

The teacher or professor only deals with abstract knowledge from a book, not practical, real-world knowledge. A teacher is only familiar with book knowledge. Knowledge is not power. Information is only power when you can practically apply it in your life.

Most books you read for homework in the education system are dull. You are only reading them because you know you must know enough information from the text to pass a quiz or test.

The books you read in school or college often present an idealistic view of the world or how a system is supposed to work. The idealism in the textbook is different from how something operates in the real world. The information provided in the book may be opposed to how the world works in the twenty-first century.

Abstract knowledge is not helpful unless you also want to be a teacher. Those who cannot do, teach.

An employer hires based on competency and skill set. A skill set is applied knowledge.

Knowledge is only helpful if you directly apply it to improve yourself.

Higher Education System

The higher education system is meant to make you go into debt early by getting students to pay for college with student loans. This is because the financial system is debt-based. There are other ways to become successful without attending college.

That was the old way for how people became successful. In most cases, you no longer need a college degree to be successful today.

The worst thing you can do is to go into debt. Instead, dedicate yourself to remaining debt-free. USA Today notes that the average student loan debt ranges from “$18,344 in Utah up to $39,928 in New Hampshire for the graduating class of 2020.”

There is no need to pay thousands of dollars to learn abstract information by going to college today. You can now know how to do things online by taking an online class from someone with a track record. Digital courses often will cost less than a college courses. If you put in the work and develop the skills, you can then make money online.

Internet Is Revolutionizing Education

The Internet provides you access to people with varying experiences for how to succeed online. You can listen to a range of people. You can discover your strengths and find ways to monetize your obsession.

I made the mistake of chasing shiny objects for a long-time. I thought I needed to be across all social media. Managing all of the social media accounts today is a full-time job. When starting, you want to focus on your strengths. I especially thought I needed to be on YouTube despite having a speech issue and lacking the charisma of successful YouTubers. I then started to focus mainly on my writing.

I learned more from taking a few digital online courses that have helped me strategize and plan to build my business over time compared to what I learned in college. The difference is that the people who taught those courses taught applied knowledge and skills that you can apply if you put in the time and work.

The three digital courses I learned the most from are:

You can find online courses that cost less than a college course. The people teaching the courses often have real-world experience (they are not professors). You must then take action and apply what you learn from the digital courses.

Prepares You To Become An Employee

The education system does not teach you critical thinking. This is on purpose. The purpose of the education system is to prepare you to become an employee. A good employee is a “Yes, man.” They will never question their employer. They will do as they are told.

The main benefit of being an employee is receiving benefits such as an employer-matched 401(k), healthcare, and vacation time. It will depend on your employer. Not all employers provide benefits. Typically, larger and more established companies can offer them to employees.

No matter your career field, you will eventually reach the maximum income you can be paid for a salary. This is because an employee can only be so productive. You will make more in certain career fields. For example, a data analyst will make more than a night stocker at a grocery store.

In contrast, if you are a business owner. You can hire employees or contractors to work for you. You then delegate tasks to them to increase the productivity of your business. You can then start to scale. Your business will generate more profit as you scale and consistently release more products. You can then pay yourself as the business owner. You can always find new ways to generate revenue from your business to increase your income.

Your imagination, mindset, and resources are your only constraints. As you increase your resources, you can reinvest in your business or other ventures.



The education system does not teach you critical thinking skills on purpose. The education system discourages you from thinking for yourself. The classroom encourages conformity. Peer pressure from social groups in school promotes going along with the crowd. The school system is designed to make you not a good compliant employee.
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