The search for community is essential for singles to combat the loneliness epidemic


It has been documented that there is a Loneliness Epidemic happening in the United States and around the world. There have been theories associated with why this is the case from the rise of single people to social media. While there is an important difference between being alone and lonely, singles can search for a community to beat the Loneliness Epidemic.

Singles and the Search for Community


Loss of Community

It has become more difficult to find community as people as people have begun to work more, not talk to their neighbors, and traditional institutions have lost people’s trust in the twenty-first century. The combination of the loss of community today is a why singles, and others, need to search for community.

Search for Community

The search for community is vital to thriving fully as a person. Community is….. Your community will become the people who you see, interact with, and talk to most often. There are many places where singles can search for community. Singles can search for community-based around interests, beliefs, political views, worldview, and so much more.  However, sometimes a scary part in the search for community is you have to take a risk to go to a place where like-minded people congregate and talk to new people. If that is stopping you in your search for community, it is better to take risks in order to grow as a person rather than to remain comfortable where you are at. That is also true of personal development and to move ahead in your career. Take risks. Get uncomfortable. Search for a community if you are lonely.

Community and Health

The community has been linked to providing many health benefits. The health benefits of the community include less stress, motivation, and compassion and empathy towards others. Those are some of the health reason singles should search for community as well to prevent loneliness.

Humans are by nature social animals to paraphrase Aristotle. Community and social interaction are included in the hierarchy of needs. Singles should strive to search for a community to fully thrive as a single person.


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