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If you’ve ever gotten that fancy white envelope in the mail and had the thought… oh my God! I don’t have a plus one. What am I going to do? How could I go to a wedding alone? You won’t be alone if you’re going to one of the yearly  2.4 million weddings in the US as a single woman. Because you’re not really ever all by yourself unless you’re a monk living in a cave, and we all know you’re not. So get over yourself and don’t wear a tight-wad updo. That’s the bride’s thing for the day.

And just because you’re single doesn’t mean you need to dress like your 3rd-grade teacher. Get rid of that lacey square neckline for the love of humanity! It’s your time to show off a lil’ sumpin sumpin while you’re getting your groove on to the Humpty Dance.

Here are some other surprising tips to feel incredible when you’re going to a wedding when you’re single.

Should I go to a wedding? Ummm yes

Say, I do (to the invite), because . . . 


You are going to the wedding as a single woman

Just send in your RSVP even if you don’t have a date. You don’t need one anyway. Even if you don’t like going to weddings alone.

Enjoy it. Have a grand old time.


Get front and center when the bride tosses those Gerber daisies 

Hopefully, she’s got enough taste to leave out the baby’s breath and goes with more modern flowers. I’m raising my guilty hand to my marriage. My mom insisted on roses (and I’m pretty sure there was a smattering of baby’s breath behind every single one. You can survive a boring wedding (by making it not boring). 

wedding flowers peonies

Even though you’re not the bride (and want to be), you can still get some kick-ass flowers for free

You can subtract the total cost of the flowers from your exorbitant wedding expenses. The average guests spend about $628 when they attend a wedding. The bougie hotel room, a new dress, mani-pedi, Cuisinart, and other travel expenses, bridal showers… 

The engraved shot glass or a tiny piece of hand-made lavender goat’s milk soap with the date printed in Baskerville Libre with the bride and groom’s names just won’t cut it. 

You’ve got to get whatcha can. You need those flowers. You paid good money to be here. You deserve them. And after all, they are good luck 


Also, do yourself a favor and practice basketball for at least 1 month before the wedding

There is a good reason why. This will give you an unfair advantage over all the other un-athletic single women at the wedding


When it comes to the big toss, take off your solo-gal wedding shoes

Your feet will thank you for it. This is also so you can jump higher, run faster, and get the upper hand when it comes to grabbing the fragrant ribbon-tied bunch. Get your money’s worth. This is your time on her big day. Make it count (just kidding— sort of). 

Then after you catch the bouquet, (this is a given after all your past month’s agility training), do something else.


Give one flower from the bouquet to the other single ladies

Those who tried to catch the bouquet and those who didn’t. 

You’ll make some new friends, and everyone will know you’re as sugar-coated as an amusement park extra large extra sweet lemonade. People might have thought you were a bit extra grabbing at those petals. But this move is one the guests will remember. After you share the beauty of the bouquet . . .



Get down with the Grandmas

There are always some grey haired ladies shaking their booties at wedding receptions. They are a great group to hang with if you’re flying solo. Older women do not care what other people think, and they might get left out of things because of their age. So many women struggle with being perfect.

And when you meet some women who have lived many more years than you, you’ll appreciate your youth, and maybe even your singleness.

Older women often gladly accept some younger company. It will remind them of when they were young, and they’ll remember what it was like to have your perfectly smooth skin. When you’re dancing with them, you’ll realize how amazing you and all other women are. 

bride and groom cutting purple cake

Just because you’re single at a wedding doesn’t mean you are alone 

You are one of the millions of fabulous women on the planet. They can support you and help you along the way. And one of these ladies might have a son, or a grandson, or a neighbor that is looking for a woman just like you. And don’t forget to have yourself a fat slice of cake and enjoy right now. 

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


Dina Colada is a contributing author at Secure Single LLC. You can connect with her at for loads of dating advice and profile makeovers or on Instagram.


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Dina has been mostly single for much of her adult life with lots of dating in between some short, yet growth-centered relationships. She has devoted most of her time to helping singles thrive while on the path to love. She is multi-passionate and loves to connect with other entrepreneurs— Especially ones that are single!
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