Does society have a double standard when it comes to single people? Today’s culture subjects people to an incompatible double standard with its portrayal of lonely single men versus empowered single women.


From criminal profilers in law enforcement to insurance companies setting your rate, being single is usually a liability.


Lonely Single Men Versus Empowered Single Women 

Lonely Single Men


Society calls single men lonely. Our culture then equates single men with being involuntary celibates or incels. The public portrays single men in negative ways. They are unsuccessful because they don’t have a girlfriend or a wife. Men are creeps because they are single. People tend to think there is something wrong with single men.


Culture doesn’t think that men can enjoy being single. However, many men can enjoy being single. They may have no interest in dating or marriage. Overall, society sends a negative message about single men. In contrast, it sends a positive message about single women.


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Empowered Single Women

While society presents single men as lonely, it calls single women empowered. Our culture gives a positive message about remaining single to women. People tend to say single women are powerful because they are bucking the system by not dating or settling down with a partner or spouse.



Women don’t need a man, thanks to feminism. They can be alpha females. Single women don’t need a man for anything. Women can do everything a man can do. They can do it better! That is the positive message that our culture sends to women. They can be empowered and independent women.


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Society’s Double Standard

Society sends a clashing message about being single with its hypocritical statement about lonely men versus empowered single women. The public tends to think that men are lonely and that there is something wrong with them for not having a romantic relationship. While for single women, it sends the positive message that they are powerful and can live their best life single without a partner or spouse.

This is truly a conflicting message!


There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Single

No matter if you are a single man or a single woman. You can know that there is nothing wrong with being single. People may be single for many different reasons. You can learn to enjoy being single. The most important relationship that you can have is the one with yourself.

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