If you want to explore the city with your best girlfriends, we’re going to show you some great places to stay in San Francisco. We’re going to call this weekend women Gone Wild (or not-so-wild!). Whether you’re visiting the groovy Senspa spa or getting your tourist on at Pier 39 to see the lazy sea lions (this is a must-see!), you need to sleep at some point. 

We’re going to show you some of the best places to stay. If you get down while you’re uptown, go scuba diving or golfing all day, you’re going to want somewhere fantastic to lay your head. You and your girl posse will have plenty of room to play in the city.  We’re going to show you a few luxury vacation rentals San Francisco and some cheap rentals in San Francisco so you have more money to spend on cocktails.

Great Places To Stay In San Francisco [From Budget To Bougie]

When you want great places to stay in San Francisco, and you love purple velvet furniture, we’ve got just what you need .  .  .

We discovered a gorgeous apartment called the Webster house. It’s in the residential district, and it even has quiet hours so if you want to get some beauty rest this is the perfect place to stay. It has a simple modern kitchen with everything you need. The grand master suite has a giant tub and sleeps four.

It’s two-level-cozy and has plenty of room with a to-die-for patio with beautiful views. If you’re looking for things to do we also put together a 48-hour travel guide to San Francisco right here!

If you want a premier, 6-star setting for up to six guests with personal concierges, this is the place you’ve got to go

Free breakfast and a wine and cheese reception every day? They’re not even kidding. If you want to have fun and let someone else do all the work, this is it. Overlook the San Francisco Bay on the terrace while someone else makes your reservations, buys your groceries and parks your car did I hear a hell yeah?

In downtown San Francisco you’ll also find the Hotel Whitcomb

The Hotel Whitcomb is one of the best affordable San Fran hotels. It’s a good place to go if you want to unplug from online. The wi-fi is featured in the lobby. It’s only a 20-minute walk to the convention center and a 20-minute drive from the San Francisco International Airport. Convenience is key when you’re staying in San Francisco.

It features multilingual staff, Cafe, air conditioning, and valet parking. It has the basics in the  Lobby to the hotel is gorgeous. The rooms are tastefully decorated and have everything you need to sleep peacefully. If you like home living—

You’ll find the comforts of home for your crew in this sweet spot

This charming fully-remodeled Edwardian home has a super-host, full kitchen, wi-fi and sleeps four. The Inner Richmond area is a favorite for San Francisco travelers. It’s only three blocks from Golden Gate Park and the arboretum. Nature lovers— enjoy! Close golfing, Trader Joes and places to run. Get your kicks on and see the break-taking view at the Presidio.


We hope you enjoy searching these great places to stay in San Francisco from All The Rooms— where you can find the perfect getaway for you and your friends. We join you to explore their incredible bed and breakfast and hotel options that will fit any budget from budget to bougie.

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