December 2015 is nearing an end as January 2016 becomes nearer every day. The different holiday parties are winding down for the busy holiday season, but New Year’s is the final big celebration for 2015 to bring in 2016. It can be difficult to host parties as a single person. If you have never hosted a party before, below is a list of ten things to make sure to have prepared before and at the time of the event. Here are ten ways to make hosting a holiday or New Year’s party easier as a single person.

  1. Greet all of your guests who come, welcome them to the party, and take their coats. Be a good host.
  2. Fill a punch bow with your favorite punch or eggnog for the holiday event for the primary drink for the party. Provide wine and beer for guests at the party too.
  3. Clean and organize everything at your place before your guests arrive to the party that you are hosting.
  4. Buy or make your own vegetable and fruit trays. Make your own or pre-order a meat and cheese platter for the number of guests to attend the party.
  5. Provide crackers, chips, and salsa and Guacamole for snacks for guests.
  6. If you have time to cook, cook easy party recipes such as stuffed peppers, cheese and crackers, and bacon-wrapped apricots with sage. Be sure to cook ahead of time!
  7. Play music to the event festive to create the right atmosphere for the event.
  8. Provide water and soda for guests at the event who do not want to drink alcoholic beverages.
  9. Clean your place ahead of time, especially the living area and the bathroom. Decorate you apartment or house with simple decorations that you can find at your favorite grocery store, store, or the dollar store.
  10. Send out invitations, email or Facebook event invites, at least two weeks ahead of time so that people are aware of the event and can plan to attend the event.
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