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I talked about feeling old, and now I want to move onto the next step. Whether you’re 29 or 87, it’s always good to learn how to look younger and feel great! You can! 


So, you want to know more about how to look younger (and feel younger), besides not telling people your real age?

First, what are some questions you might have about how to feel young again? When people get older, many of us question ways to turn back time and feel like a kid again. Like How can I look younger at 40 naturally? How to feel young again? How can I feel younger and have more energy? We’re going to cover some of these wrinkle busters right now!

how to look younger with water


How can I look younger at 40 naturally?

Keeping your age under wraps was my first tip. That is one of the best-kept secrets. When nobody knows your age, they won’t say things like, “Someone her age shouldn’t wear a skirt that short.” Or “She looks good for her age.” Or even worse, “She’s only 32? Wow, I thought she was at least in her forties.”  

So when you’re single, it’s good for your self-esteem to feel good about yourself. Many women go under the knife to have “perfection.” I want you to feel good about the way you look and feel. But plastic surgery has a lot of fo risks associated with it.


If you want to look younger there are common risks with plastic surgery

According to Stanford Health Care here’s a bulleted list


  • Difficulty with wound healing
  • Bruising
  • Excess bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anesthesia issues
  • Surgery problems


There are other options to look and feel younger without going under the knife.

Another way to feel young again is to drink water (and lots of it). UWHealth states that your skin is an organ that needs fluid. Duh. I thought this was a no-brainer. I met a college girl who was going to go buy concealer (because she had bags under her eyes). We talked about water. She said, “I don’t like to drink it much because I have to pee all the time.”

Yeah, maybe you’ll be an inconvenience for a couple of minutes to walk down the hall. But your body will appreciate the support you give it with some cold H2O. Bags be gone!


What else can you do to look younger?

When you shower or take a bath, your pores are more open, and your skin allows better absorption. So after you’re finished apply moisturizer ASAP. You might need to test several products out until you find the one that is best for your skin. I love to use all natural products personally. In my opinion, I look and feel younger because I keep my body hydrated 95 percent of the time.


What happens if you’re not hydrated?

Wrinkles. Dry skin. Tight skin. Flakes. Ick. Keep yourself hydrated, please :).

Water also helps remove toxins from your body, absorption of nutrients, and keeps your blood moving. The Cleveland Clinic says if you feel tired or low on energy, not drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day. Water will keep your body feeling great! So whenever you want to grab that soda, opt for the healthier choice. Your body will thank you for it!

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


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