Community is essential for singles. The first layer of society is your direct family. A family is your parents, or parent, and siblings. The meaning of family for singles is that family is the first tier of people you know in life.


Meaning of Family for Singles


Who are the first people that you get to know and interact with when you are born? Your family. Family is foundational in life. You can’t choose your family, but you will have to learn to get along with your family members. No family is perfect because everyone has problems that they have to deal with in life. Individuals, then family, are the building blocks of society. Everyone is born single. It is natural to be single.


Family is essential for singles because they are your direct and extended family. Your immediate family is the people you are related to through birth. In contrast, the extended family is your cousins, in-laws, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Whether you recognize it or not, your family directly or indirectly influence you. Your family also supports and protects you. You have spent the most time with your family, so they love and understand you the best.




Your family raised you from your first steps to shaping you into the person that you are today. Research has found that the first seven years are vital to developing a child’s social skills and life development. The first seven years and how your family raised you from your first steps to help you discover some of your life interests. The time that you spend with your family helps to create bonds between parents and siblings. The time that you spend builds memories that you remember about your childhood. Your time is essential, and the time you have finished with your family has played a role in influencing you to be who you are today.




The family has been there to support you from birth to when you became an adult. Family helps develop your self-esteem until you know who you are and are ready to challenge the world when you become an adult. As the first social group, you interact with growing up, your interactions with your family play a part in who you are today. This support lays a foundation for fundamental beliefs that you have about the world. This foundation helps you to find your sense of self. This support provides you the opportunity to learn more about your interests, hobbies, and what you enjoy doing from a young age to entering adulthood.




Your family influences you until you are old enough and able to think for yourself. This influence is both directly and subconsciously. Your family influences your personality, values, beliefs, and behaviors which affect your life today. Birth order in your family does affect your personality. The family that raised you influences your values and ideas when you are young until you think for yourself. For instance, you could come from a religious family and later in life question the worldview and become agnostic or an atheist. Your family may have raised you a certain way, but once you were old enough and able to think for yourself to change your worldview. Family plays a role in influencing your behavior. Family affects your lifestyle, nutrition, and your identity.




The meaning of family for singles is vital because your family, direct and extended, has played a role in forming who you are today. The time, support, influence from your family, and your birth order in your family played a role in developing who you are today.  You may have a range of different types of communities today, but your family was the first community.

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