Today is National Single Parents Day. Single Parents households have steadily been increasing in the United States since the 1960s. Secure wants to wish a happy National Single Parents Day to the growing number of single parents in the United States, single mothers and single fathers, and may you be able to enjoy a day that recognizes and celebrates all of the hard work, difficulties, and joys of single parents. Single mothers and single fathers are a growing household in America and should be respected for their hard work for raising children.

The definition of family has become more fluid since the 1960s in America, but single parents are less likely to be thought of encompassing the definition of ‘family’ today. Both single mothers and single fathers have increased in the United States since the 1960s. Single mothers account for a quarter of all American households while single fathers account for about eight percent of American households. But the fact is that single parents have more than tripled as a share of American households since 1960” as the traditional two-parent have steadily declined in the United States.

Since the single parent household is on the rise, society should acknowledge single mothers and single fathers. National Single Parents Day on March 21st is a reasonable first step to moving forward and helping single parents gain recognition as being considered a family. Since America has moved away from the traditional heterosexual family as being the required standard by allowing others to marry and adopt children, society continues to neglect single parents. Many good steps have been successful in the United States to bring about equality for others, but single parents remain unequal to other family arrangements.

National Single Parents Day is a great first step to build up recognition and respect for single parents in America. Since the American family has evolved and other non-traditional arrangements are now becoming more acceptable in the United States, it is time to work for equality for the growing number of single parents. Today, on National Single Parents Day, America should consider its allegiance to freedom and equality by working to give single parents the same rights that others have gained with past Supreme Court rulings on marriage yet do not have since single parents continue to go unacknowledged by society despite the rise of the single parent family.

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