There are many varieties of singlehood, but the deepest state of being single is singleness. Merriam Webster defines singleness as the “quality or state of being single.” Webster also defines state as “1) a way of living or existing; 2) the overall physical condition of something; 3) the ability of something to be used, enjoyed, etc.; and 4) the things that affect the way you think or feel.” Following Webster’s definitions of singleness and state, singleness rightly is the essence of being a committed single. The state of singleness for the single person allows an individual to choose where one wants to spend one’s time, energy, and resources in their society as singleness becomes an identity and a decision for how one wants to live life.

Singleness is the status of an individual who decides to remain permanently single. This state entails that an individual is not interested in getting romantically involved with another person, having a partner, or getting married. Singleness goes beyond singlehood. Singlehood is the state of being single and unmarried. Singlehood, in contrast to singleness, allows room to becoming romantically involved with someone or getting married while singleness is a commitment to stay and remain single throughout life. As the essence of the state of being single, singleness constitutes and affects the daily actions of a single person who identify or decide live out the condition of singleness.

While upfront singleness could come across as being selfish, the freedom that an individual has in the state of singleness better allows the individual to serve their communities and society because of their lack of restraints. Singleness provides independence to individuals that gives individuals the ability to devote their time and skills fully to their community, hobbies, causes that one truly cares about, and society. Singles have the tools of freedom and mobility that couples lack. A single person should use the strengths that singles in the state of singleness provide–if a devout single– to give one’s life to an ideal, higher purpose, or a cause that one truly believes in and that thing becomes the equivalent of a partner in coupled relationships to a single person.

An organization, community, cause, or society cannot exist without the individuals that are part of and make the social structure work. Singleness as an identity or as a personal decision that an individual commits to as a way to live life, it is important that society properly understands this state in contrast to singlehood. Individuals’ in the state of singleness should use their freedom, mobility, and autonomy to better help their different communities while continuing to improve their personal strengths. Ultimately, each person (single or not) has the ability to decide how they want to live their life and if they want to commit different things that go beyond the individual.

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James Bollen is the Founder and President of Secure Single. He is an entrepreneur and a content creator with the goal of helping all different types of singles to learn to thrive as a single person.
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