survive christmas alone with christmas lights

Christmas can be filled with family, friends, or with loneliness, if you let yourself feel that way. I’ve been alone on Christmas alone before, but I don’t always make a habit of it. But I’ve come up with a list that will make your single Christmas fill up with joy or something a little spicier.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity about being alone on Christmas, as my mom would say, “Suck it up buttercup.” I think it’s fitting for this. There’s no need to have a little pity concerto of one. Instead, make it a party of one. You’ll be fabulous at Christmas, no matter what.

survive christmas alone eat a pie

Get in touch with your inner piece to help you survive Christmas alone

A piece of pie that is, or heck, even a whole cake! Make sure you eat at least one thing you love, even if you’re on a plant-based diet or any kind of food. Make sure you treat yourself to something special in the tastebuds department. Comfort food isn’t a bad thing especially when it’s engagement season for everyone else.

Hang up Christmas lights

Do this for at least one day. I recommend leaving them up at least until New Years Day. Let the holiday twinkle lead the way at the wee hours of the night and all night. Christmas lights just make things look pretty and festive.

Write your own snarky Christmas carol as I did

Even if you hate Christmas music, this tactic will help you survive Christmas alone. Here’s a link to my Christmas carol lyrics: And there’s one more thing you’ll need.

One of my favorite tools to use for this is called the rhyme zone   

You can type in any word at RhymeZone and find the perfect or almost perfect word that can replace the word or words in your once-was-a-carol song. This is an excellent way to use your creative mind and have a little fun with words, (one of my favorite things to do!).

Have a naked day

Crank up the heat and have yourself a good old time. Unless your an exhibitionist, make sure you’re close up the curtains.

Participate in at least one random act of kindness

Check out for more ideas you can do yourself this holiday season. Give a homeless person a meal. Make your neighbor cookies. Plant a tree. Stick a sweet message on 5 cars on the street with post-it notes. When you do something kind, it’ll make you feel good!

Use amazon prime for yourself (I’m sure you’ve never done that!)

Now that you’ve done your good deed for someone else give yourself something that’s been on your wish list for a while. Don’t go bankrupt ordering a $90,050 Niagara Chandelier even if you do want it. Order something great that’s in your budget and makes you feel pampered.

Go to Christmas Eve candlelight service

Even if you’re not a religious person, there is something extraordinary about people in the dark lighting hundreds of candles together in a church. It’s beautiful, even to a non-believer.

After that, switch things up and go have yourself some drinks

Now that you’ve got your spiritual on, it’s time to let loose!

Embrace the fact that Christmas isn’t just a birthday for Jesus and a reason to buy a bunch of gifts. It can also be your day. Enjoy the peace, while you have your piece!

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada

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