The modern education system and higher education system are taken for granted today. It is assumed that going through the education system will result in an individual who can positively contribute to society. But what is the value of an education?

What Is The Value Of An Education?

Types Of Education

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines education as “the action or process of educating or of being educated” and “the field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in school.”

The first type of education requires action. It is done by oneself. Self-teaching is a form of self-development.

The second type of learning is taught by a teacher in the education system. It is what most people are familiar with. It is what society teaches people to think is education.

The modern education system is an industrialized process in which schools must follow a state’s required academic standards. Public schools must follow these standards, while private schools can have their own curriculum. The rules for parents who decide to homeschool will depend on the state.

Education does not mean spending years sitting in a classroom or going to college. Many of the greatest minds were self-taught. They read books. They found other people to learn from who challenged them or who shared similar interests.

Traditional School System

The role of the traditional education system is marketed as teaching children, teenagers, and young adults the basics they need to contribute to society. The problem is that America’s K-12 education system continues to see a decline in students’ ability to read, write, and learn basic arithmetic and science. American students are being dumbed down. The education system in its current form is not working. Reforming is not a solution since it has gotten worse over time.

Higher Education System

The higher education system is marketed to young adults as the solution to becoming successful in life. If they attend a traditional school of some type, students will likely have a conversation with their school’s career counselor during their junior or senior year of high school.

The career counselor’s job is to help young adults figure out their interests and direct them toward the appropriate degree for university study.

The high school sends its students to college. It is one part of the revolving door of the educational industrial complex.

Alternatives Forms Of Education

There are alternative ways to learn without going to college. Self-study is the most powerful way. Look up the books that are required in a specific field. Look them up online. Read them. Do you want to learn about philosophy, business, or history? Read a book. Watch videos. Read blogs. Consider investing in a digital course to dive deeper.

The best investment in myself has been purchasing digital courses from people with a proven track record in their field. The courses ranged from how to start a YouTube channel to how to build a successful online business. Those are topics that interested me. Thousands of classes are available on learning sites such as Udemy, Thinkific, and Masterclass.

Self-education is a vital skill that many self-made millionaires attribute to their success.

Determining The True Value Of An Education

Society presents the value of education as the degree or certificate that is earned upon graduation from an educational institution. It may be a high school diploma, a college degree, or a certificate from a certification course that an employer may require.

Self-teaching is a continual process. It never ends. Proper education should never end. That is the problem with

The actual value of an education is continual learning. It is a process that never ends until you die. Skills can be applied to advance in a career field or improve oneself.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge must be applied. Only applied knowledge is power. The best knowledge is learned through self-teaching and real-world work, not sitting in a classroom for six hours daily.

The education system places a price on the education system. The graduate then receives a fancy degree. In reality, no price can be set on education if it is self-teaching.

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The real value of education is not in earning a degree. It is the process of learning through one’s life. The beauty of the Internet is it has made it easier and less expensive to become self-taught. The skills that one knows must then be applied to better oneself.

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