Super Bowl LII is this upcoming Sunday on February 4. Football is America’s favorite past time and many singles enjoy watching football too. Even if you don’t like football, this is the biggest event of the year and is a great opportunity to hang out with friends or to meet new people. There are many different ways for singles to catch the big game this Sunday. Here are five ways that singles can celebrate and watch Super Bowl LII to cheer on their favorite team this Sunday.

5 Ways Singles Can Watch And Host A Super Bowl LII

Watch It On Your Own Device

NBC Sports will be playing the game this year. To watch it on your own device, you will need the latest version of your favorite browser to the game live on NBC Sports. However, NBC Sports may require you to have a subscription to watch the game. That requires you to have a cable or satellite subscription that defeats the purpose of streaming it on your own device.

For mobile applications, the NFL Mobile App and the Yahoo Sports App. The NFL Mobile App is compatible with Android, Apple IOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems. Verizon’s Yahoo Sports app is compatible with on Android and Apple IOS. If you want to watch on an app, those are your two best options.

The next method is a more techy way to catch the big game. It will require to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that tunnels your data and Internet use through a private network. VPNs are great to have for an additional layers of privacy and security online. VPNs allow you to connect to servers in different countries. To watch the Super Bowl using the VPN method, you will need to connect to a VPN that is located in the United Kingdom, ExpressVPN is one VPN that will work to watch the game on, but any VPN that connects to a server in the United Kingdom and connects to BBC’s website will work too,

Host Your Own Party

If you don’t want to watch it on your own, you can host your own Super Bowl LII party! You will just need a tv and know how many people your apartment or house can hold for the party. You can create an event and invite friends to your party. If you decide to host your own Super Bowl party, it is common for the host to provide the main dish. For a football game such as the Super Bowl a main dish would hamburgers, hot dogs, or buffalo wings. In the invitation, you can tell your guest to bring an appetizer, dessert, or drinks to the party. You are now hosting a Super Bowl LII party!

Go To A Friend’s Party

Another option is to find a friend who is hosting a Super Bowl party and to watch it your friend’s place. You can wait to be invited or decide to be the Super Bowl party crasher. Either option works as long as you are able to watch the Super Bowl.

Find A Super Bowl Party Where You Live

Bar and restaurants will be having Super Bowl LII watch parties where you live. Some may be free while other may require you to purchase a ticket for an event. These types of Super Bowl watch parties can range from being free or inexpensive to expensive. It will still be a less expensive option than actually buying a ticket to watch Super Bowl LII live in the stadium.

Watch It At You Favorite Bar

The last option is to find a bar that has large tvs that you can watch the big game on. It may be your favorite bar or it may be a new sports bar that you find online. This is a fun option to watch hardcore fans cheer for the competing teams who are playing in Super Bowl LII while enjoying a drink at your favorite bar. Sit back. Have a drink. Cheer for your team. Or, just watch the ads and the halftime show.


Singles are able to choose how they want to watch Super Bowl LII or if they even want to watch the Super Bowl this year. You can watch it on your own device or find a big Super Bowl party to watch the game at this Sunday. It is up to you how you want to watch Super Bowl LII.


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