Cybersecurity is a booming field with not enough people entering the it for a career, despite there being a new cyber attack almost every other week. You do not net to be tech savvy to protect yourself and your information from potentially being stolen or your privacy invaded by a hacker. These are five cybersecurity practices that singles should use now to secure themselves against malware that can infect their computer and network.

Internet Security

Antivirus and malware is an essential first step to keeping your computer, network, and Internet activity secure. There are different cybersecurity programs that will help to secure you from viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, microphone and webcam recording, and password protection. If you do not have a cybersecurity program on your computer, you are at high risk of malware and ransomware being able to enter your environment if it is not already there. Bitdefender is an excellent program and has received high ratings and reviews over the years.

Bitdefender also makes Bitdefender Box that secures any smart devices that you may have that connect to your wireless network.

Webcam Covers

Webcam covers are important to place on any devices that has a camera: computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Hackers are able to control the webcam and view you without you knowing. This means that they may be able to see you at some of your most private moments.  A webcam cover simply covers the webcam and you slide it open when it needs to be used for a video call. Protect your privacy. Install a webcam cover on all of your devices.

Don’t Click on Suspicious Links and Files

A major problem in cybersecurity is phishing. An attacker sends an email with a link, document, or invoice and wants you to click on the link or open the document. These hackers have grown more sophisticated and will research friends, family, and coworkers and then send an email that appears to be from them. It is really from a hacker. Once you click on the link or open the file, they have access to your computer and it may also install ransomware on your computer. It is a best practice to have an antivirus installed on your computer such as Bitdefender, back up your computer, and only click links and open documents from people who you trust after you verify that the email address is correct.


Setup a Private Network with a WPA2

Wireless networks are by default set to public. This means that there is no password required to access the network. Your wireless network should be made private, require a password, and use WPA2. These three things will help to make it more difficult for your network to be hacked. A private network will need to be found before it can be hacked. The password should be a minimum of twelve characters that uses letters, numbers, and symbols to make it more difficult to crack. WPA2 adds encryption to your router making it more difficult for a hacker to exploit the router. These steps to secure your router will give you added security while increasing your privacy.


Use a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are important to add privacy and security online. VPNs change your devices IP address to a new IP address that is not associated with your device. This adds privacy by changing your IP address so that third-party advertisers and websites cannot get your devices IP address to store into their databases. It also adds a layer of security by making it more difficult for hackers to find your device’s real IP address that they can use to learn about your device to exploit it. The best VPNs allow users to switch between twenty to thirty countries for the privacy and security reasons mentioned. If you do not have a VPN, you should get one immediately to increase your privacy and security online.

Cybersecurity is a current issue that affects everyone today. It is important that you use basic cybersecurity practices to protect yourself online and offline. An Internet Security program will protect you against viruses and malware that can track your online activity and infect and control your computer. A webcam cover will give you privacy from a voyeur hacker who may be watching you through your webcam. By being smart and not clicking on phishing links or files, you are protecting yourself from a hacker gaining control of your device and network. By changing the security settings on your wireless router, you are making it more difficult for a hacker to access your network. By installing a VPN on your device, you are increasing both your privacy and security online from websites and hackers who want your IP address to different reasons. Stay safe and secure in the cybersecurity age singles.

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