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There are so many relationships where trust is lost because of cheating, lying, or many other things. Trust is something that varies between person to person. Learning to create trust is one of the things you’ll probably need to do when you’re single (especially after a lousy breakup or divorce).  There are some ways you can learn how to trust again after a bad relationship — or even a mediocre one.


You can learn how to trust again

Starting with more positive experiences than bad experiences is an excellent way to start. Once you can have more positive experiences in your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

If you learn how to speak kindly and softly to yourself, this is another way to trust yourself again.

Trusting your inner guidance is the key to having a good relationship with yourself first. So for you to trust someone else again someday, you’ve to quiet your mind enough to hear the kind voices in your head so you can trust yourself first.  

How to trust after being hurt isn’t always easy

But building trust from your own foundation is the best way to open your heart again someday. And the way to to do this is to acknowledge the things that have hurt you in the past. It’s OK to admit that maybe you weren’t perfect in your old relationships, and neither was your partnerHow To Trust Again teddy bear healing.


Learning to accept your part of mistrust is part of the healing process

When I was interested in a man years ago, I trusted him more than I trusted myself. This created lots of inner pain with myself, and most certainly him too. Trusting what someone else is doing more than how you trust your self is a way you give up your power.


When you give up your power to someone else, it creates insecurity in you

If you ignore the little voices in your head leading you in the right direction is when things will really give you problems. Because the inner voice is there for a reason. Trust is the core of meaningful relationships according to Terry Mizrahi M.S.W. PH.D the President of the National Association of Social Workers. 


When you are learning how to trust again, it can be hard to hear the kind voices

The overpowering negative voices can take over your brain, and it can seem like it’s shouting from the mountaintops. The only way to hear the real voice you need to listen to the most is to slow yourself down.


Quieting your mind will help your brain clear out the cobwebs in your brain

Giving yourself time to meditate, or pray will be like giving your thoughts a thorough cleaning. Old thought patterns can build up in your mind like garbage day when the trash truck doesn’t show up. Self-love of your own brain is a really good thing. 


So if you are talking trash to yourself, take a note of it and let your very own personal garbage peeps take it out for you

To trust yourself again, imagine these burly men taking any words in your head you don’t like and take it out with the trash. Doing this simple trick can save you years of pain. So if you notice any ill thoughts toward yourself and others, just remember you can take out your own head trash! It’s up to you because nobody is going to do it for you. You’ve got this, and you can learn to trust again.

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


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