The fear of being alone is a real phobia. The fear of being alone is called monophobia. Being alone may be a real fear for some singles. The fear of being alone includes isolation and loneliness. There are three ways that singles can overcome the fear of being alone.


What is Fear?


Fear is a feeling or emotion that is based on the assumption that you are in danger. Fear can be rational. An example of a rational fear is the fear of seeing a rattlesnake because it can harm you. This fear is your survival instincts kicking in to defend you from getting hurt.


Fear of Being Alone


Monophobia is a broad phobia that ranges from a fear of spending time alone to being alone in public. Triggers of monophobia include loneliness and having difficulty with self-regulation. The fear of spending time alone and not being with others can be overcome. Fear of being in public alone can also be overcome. Fear is an enemy that you can defeat. Know your enemy and defeat the fear of being alone.


The fear of being alone is different from thinking that there is something wrong with being single. Isolation can be social isolation. It can also be an act of self-isolation to separate yourself from others. You can choose to be alone to avoid social situations. You may not be a social person. You may choose to isolate yourself from others because you are afraid of people. That fear may come from not having good social skills, not fitting in, or not having a network of friends. There is a solution to each of those problems that make you decide to avoid people.


First Steps


You can work to overcome your fear. If you have the fear of being alone, you can work to defeat it. There are three steps that you can do to beat your fear of being alone. The first step is to be aware of your fear. The second step is to identify your fear. The third step is to embrace positivity.


Recognize and be aware of your fears. When you are aware of what you are afraid of you can work to diminish your fear. Once you acknowledge your fear you have accomplished the first step to defeat your fear. Don’t let your fear get in the way of your thoughts and feelings. Fear does not define you.


Identify your fears. Be specific and learn to identify what makes you afraid. Observe what makes you fearful. Once you understand and know what you are afraid of, make a goal for yourself to work to conquer your fear. You can slowly work to defeat the fear of being alone by interacting with others. Self-isolation is not healthy since we are social creatures. If you are lonely, learn that loneliness is a feeling and not a fact. Identify the source of your fear of being alone then target it to remove that feeling out of your life. Once you make the decision to work to get rid of the fear of being alone you will slowly change your mindset.


Change Your Mindset


A bad mindset will control you. It will control you with bad habits and control you with fears by making you believe that the fear is real. You can change your bad mindset to a good mindset by working on yourself. You can start by gradually changing your mind about thinking that being alone is a problem. As you begin to change your mind you will retrain your brain that you can be happy alone. You will then eventually conquer your fear of being alone. Your life outlook does influence daily life. Choose to embrace positivity and work to change your mindset to defeat the fear of being alone.




There is nothing wrong with being single. You can be comfortable being alone. The fear of being alone, just like other fears, is an illusion. There is nothing wrong with being alone. It is up to you to work to overcome the fear of being alone if you have monophobia. You can become comfortable with being single. It is up to you to choose to recognize, identify, and change your mindset to conquer the fear of being alone and any other fears you may have in life. Make the decision to thrive as a single person and to work to unleash your full potential to the world.


Do you have the fear of being alone? Let me know how you handle it by leaving a comment.


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