Singles do not need to find meaning in life from relationships because there is more to life than relationships.

Society defines people by if they are in a dating relationship or if they are single. This is a false dichotomy that society and popular culture is susceptible to that single should not fall for today. This is a problem as Thanksgiving and the holidays approach. There are many different ventures, values, and objectives that singles can choose to pursue while being single. Singles need to know that there is more to life than relationships despite what people and society tells you this holiday season.

More To Life Than Relationships This Holiday Season

The elevation of romantic relationships does not mean that it needs to be the top priority for singles. There is a range of viable options that singles choose to focus on for a time or to make it their life’s goal: family, religion or spirituality, education, politics, advocate for rights (positive or negative), career, friendships, relationships, etc. These can be adjusted, placed up or down, according to where you are in life and the values that direct your life. It is up to you to discover what your life priorities are and to place them according to the order of how you want to live your life. This will better direct you in your life choices while decreasing the need to pursue society’s elevation of romantic relationships to please people.

As the holidays approach this year and your friends and family wonder why you’re not dating someone this season, know that it is alright to be single. There is more to life than relationships. You can tell your family that you enjoy what you are doing right now and are focusing on something that you are passionate about. This gives your life purpose and meaning. You can use this opportunity to move the discussion from dating to how to improve society and life for the greater good and common good. This will lead to more hot topics such as politics, philosophy, and economics but those discussions are important to have since they influence people who live in society. Please just remember to be polite and civil when the discussions do arise.

There is more to life than relationships and singles do not need to seek the American suburban dream which consists of being married, a house most likely in the suburbs, white picket fence, and having 2.5 kids. You can point out how being single is on the rise while marriage is on the decline. With the decline of marriage, that means that the parts are not following like the once did since there has been a shift in culture about relationships and societal norms. Being fine with singles and people who are single by circumstance or by choice needs to be included as viable lifestyles in a society that claims to be inclusive and tolerant.


This holiday season make it known that there is more to life than relationships. Singles have the ability to make a difference in a society that shuns the unmarried by working towards the greater and common good. Being unattached allows singles to hone skills and to advocate for causes that they want to see changed by society and their nation. This holiday season don’t be afraid to get into difficult discussions to advocate for changes instead of getting tied down into discussions about your relationship status.

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