Are you trying to come up with a New Year resolution for next year? Here are twenty-four New Year resolutions for 2024!

24 New Year Resolutions For 2024

1. Review your credit card bill every month.
2. Pay off any debt.
3. Live below your means.
4. Build an emergency fund.
5. Save for retirement or semi-retirement.
6. Save some money in a money market fund.
7. Save money in a high-interest savings account.
8. Invest money in a 401(k).
9. Invest money in a Roth IRA.
10. Stop keeping up with other people.
11. Work to build one passive income stream.
12. Start an online business.
13. Walk more.
14. Go to the gym.
15. Choose a diet to follow.
16. Learn to cook.
17. Invest in yourself.
18. Practice time management.
19. Embrace self-discipline.
20. Practice self-responsibility.
21. Turn off the news, social media, politics, television, and limit the amount of entertainment you consume.
22. Read more books.
23. Do not date for a year.
24. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

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