Society tells young people to focus on romantic relationships instead of focusing on themselves. Young people often get caught up in chasing the latest thing, whichever it may be. They feel social pressure to conform to people around them. You can stop listening to the mixed messages from society and embrace the power of going your own way.

The Power Of Going Your Own Way


When you go your own way, you can start to focus on self-improvement. Self-work is the process of becoming the best version of yourself. You care more about self-work than about pleasing other people. Some of the ways you can invest in your self-development are:

  • Health
  • Social Skills
  • Money management
  • Increase your income
  • Focus on things you can control

Your health is vital to your well-being. You can work toward your goals if you have health problems. You can consistently follow a diet and exercise. You can see a doctor to help you deal with other health issues.

You will slowly, over a period, notice your life improving. This is because you have begun focusing on the things you can control.

Focus On Internal Validation

You can start to focus on internal validation rather than external validation. Typical forms of external validation include romantic relationships, wanting more material possessions, and caring about status. The problem is that you can only control yourself.

You cannot control another person regarding dating or a friendship. You could be dumped by a significant other or a friend for any reason. You may never even learn why.

You may receive temporary happiness from buying the latest gadget, watching the newest movie, or going to the newest restaurant or bar alone or with friends. The problem is that there is always another new shiny object that comes along. You cannot keep up.

You may care about your status. You may receive value from how many likes you receive when you share a picture on Facebook or Instagram. You may worry about how big your audience is on YouTube or TikTok. You may care more about your number of followers- some may be bots and fake accounts- but the large digits make you feel good about yourself.

You can start to work to reach your life goals rather than caring what others think about you. The longer you continue to care what other people think about you, the longer you stay where you are. The best things happen when you take risks.

The more risk you take and begin to recognize that you can achieve your goals, the more self-confident you will become. Self-confidence will then affect your personal, social, and professional life.

Your time, attention, and money are precious. Do not waste them on people or things not worth your time or money. Start to invest your time, attention, and money to improve yourself!

Practice Self-Responsibility

You can begin to practice self-responsibility in your daily life. You will begin to see signs of your life improving as you start to accept responsibility. You will notice that you begin to reach the goals that you set for yourself.

Some basic ways to practice self-responsibility are to follow a budget, go to bed and get up consistently, and list the steps needed to complete a goal.

Self-responsibility has been lost today as most people want to rely on an external force outside of themselves. It could be always blaming others and having a victim mindset. It may be an employer. It could be the government.

Once you start to accept responsibility, you will see your life change. You can become one percent better daily by practicing self-discipline to help you achieve your goals.

Find Ways To Increase Your Net Worth

Society does not teach you how to increase your net worth. The education system teaches you only how to be an obedient student, which prepares you to be a compliant employee. That is great for employers but not for you.

Your salary can only grow so much as an employee. You also must deal with the human resource department, annoying coworkers, and listening to a boss you probably do not like. If you are entrepreneurial and unafraid of taking risks, you could start your own business.

One of the best decisions you could make is to go into business for yourself, which is the best way to increase your net worth. It requires more risk, but you will learn valuable lessons as a business owner. You will make many mistakes. You will learn how to work with people. You will learn how to read and budget for a business. You will learn how to develop a product and service to sell to your customers.

The Internet has made it easier to start a business today. You simply need to file with your state. You must determine the fastest way to generate revenue and build a profitable business.

Go Your Own Way

It is in your self-interest to go your own way. You are the only person who is responsible for you. No one else is.

You can be a follower or a leader by going your own way. By going your own way, you are acting in your self-interest. You are deciding to do what is best for you. You choose to be a leader.

Many people may tell you not to do something, but if it goes against your interests and intuition, do not listen. One of my biggest mistakes was not listening to my gut. It delayed me from publishing a book by at least a few years.

Society does not care about you. The financial system actively works to prevent you from becoming financially secure. It is in your interest to learn how the financial system works so that you can better understand money. You can then learn how to make money.

Do not be afraid to go against the crowd. Reject conformity. Reject mediocrity. Reject modern society. Choose to invest in yourself. Go your own way.

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You may experience many pressures to fit in with other people. Those are forms of external validation. Start to focus on internal validation. Work to set realistic goals and aim to reach them. Accept self-responsibility for your life and learn the art of online business. Do not be afraid to go your own way in a culture that wants you to be mediocre.


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