Singles Independence

This Fourth of July singles in America can celebrate Independence Day and singles independence.

America commemorates its freedom and independence from Great Britain and becoming its own nation each Fourth of July. The holiday can also be used as a day to enjoy singles independence and to remember the values of the single life for singles. Singles independence day commemorates the independence, flexibility, security, and diversity of the single life.

Singles Independence

Independence and autonomy are values that are honored in the United States. The United States citizen praise being independent and not being under the thumb of government, as the colonies experienced with Great Britain, The United States approved the final wording and version of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776. Singles can declare their own independence and choose to thrive as a single person as society tells them they must couple up to be happy.


Singles independence is a wonderful thing. Singles independence allows singles to choose how to live their own lives without being constrained by what society, culture, and politics says singles they must do to enjoy life. Being single is a time to enjoy the single life. Being single is not a time to mourn not being in a romantic relationship that is what society says makes singles happy. There is more to life than dating, romantic love, and marriage. This year marks the year of singles independence and singles can live a wonderful life without a significant other, partner, or spouse. Singles independence is about enjoy the single life and being freed from the chains and obligations that romantic relationships place upon people.Singles Independence

This Fourth of July can be celebrated as singles independence day. Singles independence is a vital part of being single and singles can fight to maintain it each year from society, culture, and politics that worship at the effigy of dating, romantic relationships, and marriage. Singles independence is a quality to be cherished—not looked down upon— like the Fourth of July in 1776 when the United States formally broke up with and chose to go its own way as a nation without Great Britain. These fireworks this Fourth of July are for you singles!


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