national girlfriends day

National Girlfriends Day has women all over Twitter in a tizzy! 

According to NationalDayCalendar National Girlfriends Day was created in 2006 by Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers to celebrate the bond between women. AKA “Your girlfriends.” It was officially added to the National Calendar in 2014. 

But some online twitter babes took this sacred “National Girlfriends Day” and made it the day to complain about men— Or rather the lack of men in their life. 

Some women complained about boyfriends not doing enough in their relationship. Other women talked about why they hate their ex so much. Other women lamented about being single, and how they don’t have a man to love them on this day.

OMG. Is National Girlfriends Day going to give Valentine’s Day single depress-ees a run for its money?

Valentine’s Day gives those in the land of singledom a day to remember that they are just that— Single and alone. The people who aren’t solo are guilted into over-spending for their significant other. It can be depressing for everyone!

The dreaded by singles V-day is 18.2 billion dollar commercial industry. It’s not about love, it’s about people making money. Please don’t let this happen to National Girlfriends Day!

According to ABC News the average spend per person is $136.57. That could buy me a very nice pair of shoes for a date night with my girlfriends! The real reason behind National Girlfriends Day that is to celebrate your female tribe!

Instead of National Girlfriends Day making singles feel worse than Valentine’s Day I have a solution.

Take the money you’ll save while your single and go shopping with your girlfriends.

I don’t actually want to focus on the scariest moments of twitter or of being single. I want to highlight some of the best “Tweets” with #nationalgirlfriendsday.

To show appreciation for the ladies over at Twitter, I’m going to give a few of them a shout out from Secure Single. So, if you’re single you might as well have a good laugh and maybe shed an emo tear thinking about your best girlfriends while you’re at it. Women need women (psst… even when they are in a relationship).

Here are some women hash-tagging their thoughts about National Girlfriends Day.

GabbyDawnL says:

National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriends Day Tip #1: Don’t be the woman that ever “assumes” a man is your boyfriend. Until Dabby Dawn has that conversation with her unsuspecting man, she’s not going to have a real relationship. She’ll only have the one that resides in her mind. I bet she knows exactly who her girlfriends are already.

1 says: 

National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriends Day Tip #2: Take a getaway weekend with your bestie!

National Girlfriends Day Tip #3 Call your girlfriends and remember your chosen family— Your girlfriends.

National Girlfriends Day



This gal gets it right straight out of the gate!

Remember to celebrate your friends and how much you love them! Your girlfriends make the world go round and give you the best place when you need a shoulder to cry on. So celebrate National Girlfriends Day every single day!

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


Dina Colada is a contributing author at Secure Single LLC. You can connect with her at for loads of dating advice and profile makeovers or on Instagram.


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Dina has been mostly single for much of her adult life with lots of dating in between some short, yet growth-centered relationships. She has devoted most of her time to helping singles thrive while on the path to love. She is multi-passionate and loves to connect with other entrepreneurs— Especially ones that are single!
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